DEEP 44 Impact Results and Pictures

Tuesday 13 October 2009

○Nagakura Tatsunao vs ×Hasegawa Fuhito
Early in the first round Hasegawa dislocates his shoulder after being thrown to the mat, giving Nagakura the win.

○Crazy Hill vs ×Okamoto Hiryu
Crazy Hill wins by decsision after controlling most of the fight's tempo with punches and middle kicks.

○Kitada Toshiaki vs ×Kleber Koike
Kitada submitted Koike early in rund 2 by arm-bar. Kitada was stonger, but Kleber did a good job, fighting aggressively from a standing position compared to his appearance in DEEP 42 Impact.

○Shirai Yuya vs ×Iwase Shigetoshi
Another close fight got the crowd pumped up. Both fighters stuck mainly with a hard punching gameplan with Shirai throwing in some kicks as well. Several takedowns and superior position control on the ground gave the win to Shirai.

○Kanehara Hiromitsu vs ×MAX Miyazawa
Straight out of the gate the more experienced Kanehara gets a ground and pound on Miyazawa quickly winning with a TKO.

○Sakurai Ryuta vs ×Hosea Ware
Both fighters traded off some heavy punches early in the 1st round. A little later they clinch up near the ropes and Ware sends Sakurai through the ropes. Once the fight restarts it moves to a ground game with Sakurai getting side control. Sakurai's move from an arm-lock to a straight armbar gets him the win.

○Hasegawa Hidehiko vs ×Ueyama Ryuki
Ueyama led the fight in striking with hard hitting middle kicks and some long hooks but Hasegawa was able to control the tempo of the match with his ground game. In the end Hasegawa won by decision but he came very close to getting a tap with an achilles lock.

○MIKU vs  ×Windy Tomomi
The women's co-main event was high speed action from start to finish. WINDY was able to get off some low kicks that left MIKU with some mean welts on her thighs. MIKU however was able to do some striking of her own and was able to get several takedowns. MIKU gave some big knee-drops to the WINDY's ribs before getting the win.

○Kawaguchi Yusuke  vs ×Seigo 
The crowd in Korakuen was pumped for the main event. The two heavy-weights went straight into a no-guard slugfest that seemed a little more like pro-wrestling than MMA. Kawaguchi's rushes all but took out the heavier Seigo, but he was able to gain some time clinching up at the ropes and landed a few heavy long hooks but the fight belonged to kawaguchi. By the end of the 1st round Seigo's face was bloodied and Kawaguchi barely looked tired. In the 3rd round Kawaguchi went in with low kicks that Seigo couldn't avoid and just stood there taking them. The crowd responded accordingly with a roar for each kick.


Glenn Fearnley 17 October 2009 at 17:28  

are you sure about kitada/koike going to decision? i think i've seen in several places that kitada subbed koike with an armbar.

- GoForkYourself

Borre 18 October 2009 at 13:50  

You are correct, I have updated that result.

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