3/22 Shooto "The way of Shooto 2"- Toida Added - BJ Returns His Title

Monday 1 March 2010

"BJ" Kojima has returned his shooto title today. This is due to a knee injury and he will get a title shot once he returns. Meanwhile that opens the door for some of the bantamweight contenders. I have a feeling Mamoru will get this shot, but could also be Urushitani vs. Miki since they are the highest ranked right now.

There is a bantamweight fight on the card this time too, maybe it would serve as a qualifier? Either way, Yuki Shojo taking on Jesse Taitano should be a great fight. Anything else would be a bonus for these guys, but doors might open now that Shooto needs a new champion.

Added to the card is a fight between Katsuya Toida and Yusuke Yachi. Yachi was the Rookie tournament champion and MVP last year. Will be interesting to see if he can handle Toida, who can be a bit inconsistent and hasnt fought in a while.

Light: Katsuya Toida 11-9-3 vs. 3-0-0 Yusuke Yachi

Shooto World Title Fight:
Masakatsu Ueda vs. Shuichiro Katsumura

Other Fights:
Bantam: Yuki Shojo vs. Jesse Taitano

Rookie Tournament:
Fly: Shuichiro Okumura 1-0-0 vs. 1-1-0 Tomokazu "Kewpie" Sato
Light: Satoshi Inaba 3-3-1 vs. Kensuke Nakamura
Light: Yoshitaka Okigi 1-1-0 vs. 憂流迦 (?) Sasaki
Welter: Fumihiko Kawamura 0-1-0 vs. Shotoku Suzuki

Shooto Schedule first half 2010:
3/7 SPIRIT 2010 Spring - Miyagi Accel Hall
3/22 The Way of SHOOTO 02 Korakuen Hall
3/28 BORDER -season 2- Hirano City Centre - Osaka
4/4 GRAPPLINGMAN 10 - Mamakari Forum - Okayama
4/24 SHOOTO GIG TOKYO Vol.4 Shinjuku Face
5/9 Shooto Kitazawa Vol. 3 - Kitazawa Town hall
5/16 GRAPPLINGMAN 11 - 広島産業会館 西第一展示場, Hiroshima
5/30 The Way of SHOOTO 03 - JCB Hall
6/6 SHOOTING DISCO 12 - Shinjuku Face
6/27 SPIRIT 2010 Summer - Miyagi Accel Hall

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