10/28 ClubDEEP Sendai - Results

Tuesday 30 October 2007

In addition to HEROs and ShootBoxing, last weekend DEEP held their ClubDEEP in Sendai. The main event was between newly crowned female champion MIKU and Shoot veteran Masako Yoshida.

In attendance was also Pride veterans Kawajiri and ishida to sign autographs for fans.

MIKU Matsumoto def. Masako Yoshida by Arm-bar Round 1, 3:23
Hikaru Shinohara def. Ai by neck crank Round 1, 3:11
Shigetoshi Iwase def. Hiroki Nagaoka by decision 3-0
Koji Arisawa vs 8-13-3 Hiroyuki Abe No Contest
Hiroshi Goto def. Yanga Kazuki by KO (2nd down) Round 1, 0:52
Tachikaze def 盛力Shintaro by KO (2nd down) Round 1, 2:33
Iwamoto Motoki def 宗形Yasuo by decision 3-0
Reiko Mikami vs Hitomi Sakamoto Draw
Koichiro Matsumoto def. Kosuto Umeda by TKO Round 1, 1:11


HEROs Korea - Live Results

Sunday 28 October 2007

HEROs Korea

Yoshihiro Akiyama Def. Denis Kang by KO, Round 1 4:45
Dong Sik Yoon Def. Fabio Silva by Arm-bar, Round 1, 6:12
Zelg "Benkei" Galesik Def. Taiei Kin TKO Round 1, 0:36
Kim Min Soo Def. Minowaman TKO Round 1, 3:46
Lee Tae-Hyun Def. Yoshihisa Yamamoto TKO Round 1, 1:03
Kim Dae Won Def. Marcelo Garcia by TKO, Round 2 0:20
Shungo Oyama Def. Carlos Newton by TKO, Round 3, 2:42
Min Suk Heo Def. Katsuyori Shibata By KO Round 2, 1:31
Daisuke Nakamura Def. A-sol Kwon Round 3, 3:09 by Arm-bar
Poai Suganuma Def. Bernard Ackah by Arm-bar Round 1, 3:05
Magomed Sultanakhmadov Def. Lee Eun Su by TKO, Round 1, 3:33
RYO Def. Masanori Tonooka by KO Round 1, 1:30


Shoot Boxing "Ground Zero Tokyo" - LIVE RESULTS

There are 2 big Japanese events today (even though HEROs is being held in Korea, I count it as a Japanese event). So I will try to update the results here as soon as they are avaliable.

Shoot Boxing
*There is a change in the card, Yani Lax has come in to replace Ali Ibrahim.
Marko Pike def Takashi Ono by decision 3-0
Oikawa Tomohiro Def. Hiroyuki Abe by TKO Round 1, 1:06
Ishikawa Tsuyoshi Def. Murahama Takehiro By Decision 3-0

Kazunori Yokota Def. Fadil Shabali (not sure on spelling) by decision 3-0
Gilbert Yvel Def. Sakuragi Yuji by KO Round 1, 1:48
Shishido Daiki Def. Big Ben Kesajim by decision 3-0
Hayato “Mach” Sakurai Def. Yani Lax by decision 3-0
Brian Lo-A-Njoe Def. Ogata Kenichi by KO Round 2, 0:44
Andy Souwer Def. Andy Ologun by decision 3-0


Shooto - "Back to Our Roots 6" - A small set back

Shooto has suffered a small set-back on their super-card. Light weight champion Akitoshi Tamura was due to fight on this card, but Shooto has been unable to find a suitable opponent, so Tamura will unfortuanately not be fighting.

Even though this is disappointing, the card has lots of fights to look forward to.

The confirmed fights:
Takashi Nakakura 8-2-1 VS  10-1-1 Yusuke Endo
Katsuya Toida 10-6-3 VS 13-2-0 “Lion” Takeshi Inoue
Antonio Carvalho10-2-0 vs 8-4-1 Hiroyuki Takaya
Shinichi Kojima “BJ” 8-1-4 VS 2-1-0 Eduardo Dantas
Joachim Hansen 15-5-1 VS 11-5-2 Eiji Mitsuoka
Masaaki Sugawara 6-1-0 VS 3-2-0 Rambaa Somdet “M16”
Masashi Yozen 5-1-1 VS Leandro Batata Silva
Megumi Fujii “Mega Megu” 11-0-0 VS 8-1-0 Kyoko Takabayashi
Hayate Usui 7-5-1 VS 3-1-2 Shintaro Ishiwatari


11/11 CAGE FORCE EX-eastern bound

Cage force will hold their EX-eastern bound event in Differ Ariake on 11/11. The card has a few very interesting fights. K-Taro returns to the ring after losing by decision to Drew Fickett in April.

The main event will be the light weight tournament semi-final between Tomonari Kanomata and Artur Oumakhanov. This fight should have happened in September but was delayed so that Oumakhanov could compete in Hero`s on July 16. The winner of this fight will go on to face Koutetsu Boku in the final on December 1.

Naoko Ohmuro 8-5-1 vs 7-8-3 Misaki Takimoto
Emi Fujino 6-0-0 vs Yuko
Yusaku Tsukkumo 2-3-0 vs Nagamura一慶
Nakamura “K” Taro 13-2-2 vs 0-0-2 Takefumi Hanai
Keitaro Maeda 1-3-0 vs4-2-1 Masahiro Toryu
Fanjin Son 4-1-0 vs 3-1-2 Koji Yoshimoto 
Yoshihiro Koyama 7-2-1 vs 0-4-1 Yasuyoshi Kanehara
Tomonari Kanomata 11-1-3 vs 5-1-0 Artur Oumakhanov
Daisuke Hoshino 2-0-0 vs 3-1-3 Yasutomo Tanaka
Naoki Miyamoto 2-1-0 vs 1-0-0 Takahashi Yoshiaki


Video: Jon-Olav Einemo vs Evert Fyeet

Saturday 27 October 2007

Ok, so I have posted videos af most of my favorite fighters. Here is one of my favorite fighter, Jon Olav Einemo.He had a contract with Pride, but with what has happened there, we should expect him back in the ring soon.

His last fight was agianst James Thompson, a fight he won by arm-bar in the first round.

Einemo was the ADCC chamption in 2003, beating Roger Gracie on his way.


Video: Joachim Hansen vs Caol Uno

Joachim Hansen is due to return to the ring for Shooto "Back to Our Roots 6" on November 8.

This is his fight with Caol Uno in Hero`s in March 2005. This is one of my favorite MMA fights.

Unfortuanately the quality of this video is not the best.


11/8 Shooto "Back the Our Roots 6"

After the addition of Joachim Hansen to the Shooto card, the fights that have been announced are:

Takashi Nakakura 8-2-1 VS  10-1-1 Yusuke Endo
Katsuya Toida 10-6-3 VS 13-2-0 “Lion” Takeshi Inoue
Antonio Carvalho10-2-0 vs 8-4-1 Hiroyuki Takaya
Shinichi Kojima “BJ” 8-1-4 VS 2-1-0 Eduardo Dantas
Joachim Hansen 15-5-1 VS 11-5-2 Eiji Mitsuoka
Masaaki Sugawara 6-1-0 VS 3-2-0 Rambaa Somdet “M16”
Masashi Yozen 5-1-1 VS Leandro Batata Silva
Megumi Fujii “Mega Megu” 11-0-0 VS 8-1-0 Kyoko Takabayashi
Hayate Usui 7-5-1 VS 3-1-2 Shintaro Ishiwatari
Akitoshi Tamura 11-5-2 vs. TBA

In my opinion, one of the two best cards in Japan this year. And there should be more fights to come.


Joachim Hansen fighting in SHOOTO 11/8

Friday 26 October 2007

Shooto has confirmed, Joachim Hansen will fight Eiji Mitsuoka on Shooto`s supercard November 8. This does make this a very interesting card.


10/28 ClubDEEP Sendai

DEEP will hold a ClubDEEP event this Sunday. The main event is between DEEP female champion MIKU and Smack-Girl/Shooto veteran Masako Yoshida.

Also in attendance will be Kawajiri and Ishida, there will be opportunity to get their autographes.

MIKU Matsumoto 14-4-0 vs 13-11-5 Masako Yoshida
Hikaru Shinohara 3-6-0 vs Ai
Hiroki Nagaoka 10-12-7 vs 6-9-1 Shigetoshi Iwase
Koji Arisawa vs 8-13-3 Hiroyuki Abe
Yanga Kazuki vs Hiroshi Goto
Tachikaze VS 盛力Shintaro
Iwamoto Motoki vs 宗形Yasuo
Reiko Mikami vs 0-1-0 Hitomi Sakamoto
Kosuto Umeda (R-Blood) vs 1-1-0 Koichiro Matsumoto


10/28 HERO`s Korea - Fight Order

Monday 22 October 2007

The order for next weekend`s fights have been announced.

Added are 2 opening fights including Magomed Sultanakhmadov, the 2004 Muay Thai European champion and 2005 Karate World Champion.

Opening fights:
Masanori Tonooka vs. RYO
Magomed Sultanakhmadov 3-1-0 vs. 0-1-0 Lee Eun Su

Main card:
Bernard Ackah 2-1-0 Vs. 7-1-0 Poai Suganuma

A-sol Kwon 1-2-0 Vs. 10-8-0 Daisuke Nakamura
Carlos Newton 13-12-0 Vs. 6-10-0 Shungo Oyama
Marcelo Garcia 0-0-0 Vs. 3-3-0 Kim Dae Won
Lee Tae-Hyun Vs. 6-16-0 Yoshihisa Yamamoto
Minowaman 38-25-8 Vs. 3-6-0 Kim Min Soo
Taiei Kin 2-1-0 Vs. 6-3-0 Zelg "Benkei" Galesik
Dong Sik Yoon 2-4-0Vs. 9-3-0 Fabio Silva

Main event:
Denis Kang 27-8-1 Vs. 9-1-0 Yoshihiro Akiyama


10/18 ClubDEEP Hamamatsu - Results

It was an action packed Sunday in Hamamatsu, with only 2 fights going the distance. In the main event Carlos Toyota won a quick victory against Kojima Ryosuke. The other highlight fight of the night saw Hisae Watanabe making a return to the ring after losing her title.

Carlos Toyota defeated Kojima Ryosuke by rear naked choke, Round 1, 0:45
Hisae Watanabe defeated Yan Yon Won Towel thrown Round 2, 0:40
Inoue Hirotaka defeated Kimura Naoki by TKO, Round 2, 1:43
Yamashita Tomoyasu defeated Kunta Iwasaki by decision 3-0
Akira Kibe defeated Matsui Ryota by TKO Round 1, 1:01
Ishijima Daigo defeated Suyama Wataru by TKO, Round 2, 1:48
Mauricio Souza defeated Leandro Cascaon Yamashita by rear naked choke Round 1, 2:30
Masaaki Izena defeated Henrik Kakiuchi “Wolverine”by decision 3-0
Carlos Silva defeated Urayama Yasuaki by TKO, Round 1, 2:52
Sekiya Yujiro defeated Sakai Taku by TKO, Round 1, 0:38


Video: Antonio "Nino" Schembri vs. Sasha

Sunday 21 October 2007

A video from ADCC 2001. Schembri is not very active in the MMA scene, he had 6 Pride fights, with a 3-3 record. So why post this?? This is the coolest submission I have seen, just wanted to share...



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11/8 Shooto - Back to Our Roots 6 - Joachim Hansen NEWS

Sherdog reports that Joachim Hansen is due to make his return to the ring in Shooto event "Back to our roots 6". This would make the card one of the best in Japan this year. In my mind, rivaling the HERO`s middleweight tournament.

The Sherdog source is the opponent, Eiji Mitsuoka.

Already on the card we have:
-Bantamweight title holder “BJ” Kojima
-Lightweight title holder Akitoshi Tamura
-Female standout Megumi Fujii
-Lightweight ranked #2 Antonio Carvalho
-A Welterweight title fight (Nakakura vs. Endo)
-Lightweight “Lion” Takeshi

Add Joachim Hansen to this and we have the super-card Shooto has promised that it will be.

The card for this event so far:
Takashi Nakakura 8-2-1 VS  10-1-1 Yusuke Endo
Katsuya Toida 10-6-3 VS 13-2-0 “Lion” Takeshi Inoue
Shinichi Kojima “BJ” 8-1-4 VS 2-1-0 Eduardo Dantas
Masaaki Sugawara 6-1-0 VS 3-2-0 Rambaa Somdet “M16”
Masashi Yozen 5-1-1 VS Leandro Batata Silva
Megumi Fujii “Mega Megu” 11-0-0 VS 8-1-0 Kyoko Takabayashi
Hayate Usui 7-5-1 VS 3-1-2 Shintaro Ishiwatari
Antonio Carvalho10-2-0 vs 8-4-1 Hiroyuki Takaya
Akitoshi Tamura 11-5-2 vs. TBA

I got my ticket today...


10/20 Shooting Disc 3 - Shinjuku Face Arena - RESULTS

Shooto held their Shooting Disc 3 in Shinjuku`s Face arena last night. In the main event, Yuki Shoujou beat Junji Ikoma by decision, but one fighter to notice is Hiroyuki Abe, who remained undefeated. He is now on a 3 fight winning streak and none of them have gone the distance. His next fight will undoubtedly be against a tougher opponent.

Yuki Shoujou defeated Junji Ikoma by decision 3-0
Akihiro Murayama defeated Makoto Maeda by TKO, Round 1, 3:57
Ryuichi Miki defeated Toshimichi Akagi by decision 3-0
Koumei Okada defeated Kunio Nakajima by Kimura, Round 1, 2:26
Hiroshi Nakamura defeated Yuji Inoue by decision 3-0
Kenichi Sawada defeated Takehiro Ishii by decision 3-0
Yuta Nedu defeated Takahiro Hosoi by decision 2-1
Hiroyuki Abe defeated Tomohiko Yoshida by Rear Naked Choke, Round 2, 4:11
Shinobu Miura defeated Guy Delameau by decision 2-0
Noboru Tahara defeated Junji Ito by decision 3-0
Hiroyuki Sato defeated Atsushi Matsuki by KO, Round 1, 2:05


10/28 ShootBoxing – Ground Zero Tokyo

Saturday 20 October 2007

Next weekend’s Shoot Boxing tournament Next weekend’s Shoot Boxing tournament will feature some big stars. Among them, this year`s K-1 World Max champion, Andy Souwer, Deep Lightweight champion Kazunori Yokota, K-1 veteran Andy Kraus and Japanese MMA veteran Hayato “Mach” Sakurai.

The rules for Shoot Boxing are similar to what you have in K-1, but standing throws and submissions are permitted. So in addition to kicks, punches and knees, expect chokes and suplexes.

The card looks like this:
(there might be another couple of fights added)

Hiroyuki Abe vs. Oikawa Tomohiro
Sakuragi Yuji Vs. Gilbert Yvel
Hayato “Mach” Sakurai vs. Ali Ibrahim
Kazunori Yokota vs. Fadil Shabali (not sure on spelling)Andy Souwer vs. Andy OlogunOgata Kenichi vs. Andy KrausIshikawa Tsuyoshi vs. Murahama TakehiroMelfio Canoretti (not sure on spelling) vs Hirokazu Kikuchi
Big Ben Kesajim vs. Shishido Daiki


New Shinya Aoki interview

Kakutogi has posted a new Shinya Aoki interview today.

Aoki is saying he was disappointed, but not surprised at the Pride office closures. He is dissapointed on behalf of the staff and feels that creating a new Pride without them would be impossible. He goes on to say that he would not want to fing in an "American" Pride.

When asked if he would take up the challenge from JZ, he said that he would, if the money was right. However, he feels stronger about fighting the Pride light champion.
Gomi has stated that he is going to fight on NYE, but did not specify any organization. Aoki wants to fight this year, and a Gomi vs. Aoki mathcup would certainly draw some crowds in Japan.


Gomi to fight on NYE

Friday 19 October 2007

There was an interview earlier this week, where Gomi said he was going to fight on NYE . Gryphon summarized this, and it looks like it must be a Japanese promotion. Currently the only organization that is 100% to have an event on NYE is K-1 Dynamite.

The article goes on to say that he will be fighting a Japanese fighter, there are speculations around this being Masato or Yamamoto "Kid". These would appear to be unlikely... In my mind, the fighter most likely (Japanese) would be Kawajiri.

Now we just have to wait and see... Saeki (DEEP Promotor) has said he is working on a NYE event, could there be a fight in the works for this? Also, we have a new promotion starting up... This would be a dream Main Event for their fist event.


10/28 ShootBoxing – Ground Zero Tokyo

ShootBoxing will hold their Ground Zero Tokyo event next weekend. The card looks amazing (almost a K-1 card). It includes fighters such as Andy Souwer, Albert Krause, Hayato “ Mach” Sakurai and Gilbert Yvel. This will surely be worth the entrance fee.

The ShootBoxing rules are somewhat similar to K-1, but throws are allowed, so are standing holds. That means there can be standing submissions, but no fighting on the ground.

The fights that have been announced so far:
Hayato “Mach” Sakurai vs. Ali Ibrahim
Andy Souwer vs. Andy Ologun
Ogata Kenichi vs. Andy Kraus
Ishikawa Tsuyoshi vs. Murahama Takehiro
Melfio Canoretti (not sure on spelling) vs Hirokazu Kikuchi

Will participate:
Gilbert Yvel


10/21 ClubDEEP Hamamatsu

Thursday 18 October 2007

ClubDEEP will have their event in Hamamatsu this Sunday. In attendance will be Shinya Aoki, for an interview (maybe an announcement) and autograph signings.

But there will also be fights. As usual, there are no really big stars. But, this time Hisae Watanabe will make her return to the ring after losing her title to MIKU in DEEP 32. She will fight a yet to be determined opponent.

Also fighting is Masaaki Izena, who last fought in IFL.

Inoue Hirotaka VS 4-1-1 Kimura Naoki
Suyama Wataru 0-1-0 VS 0-0-0 Ishijima Daigo

Mauricio Souza 0-0-0 VS Leandro Cascaon Yamashita

Sekiya Yujiro VS Sakai Taku
Hisae Watanabe 18-6-0 VS Yet to be determined
Carlos Toyota 0-2-1 VS 1-1-1 Kojima Ryosuke
Henrik Kakiuchi “Wolverine”1-3-0 VS 0-1-0 Masaaki Izena

Oyaji Deep
Urayama Yasuaki VS Carlos Silva
Akira Kibe 5-8-2 VS Matsui Ryota
Yamashita Tomoyasu VS Kunta Iwasaki


Video: Rambaa Somdet "M16"

Rambaa Somdet "M16" will fight on Shooto`s super-card November 8.

He is fighting Masaaki Sugawara. Sugawara is a fighter who don’t mind punches. So, it will be interesting to see if this goes to the ground. If it does, I think Sugawara would have the edge.

Regardless, Somdet is a very entertaining fighter. Let’s hope for some high energy Muay Thai!


10/20 Shooting Disc 3 - Shinjuku Face Arena

This will be a pretty quiet weekend in Japan for MMA. The biggest event is in Shinjuku, where Shooto has its Shooting Disc 3 event. As usual, this is an event for the fighters who wants to break into the highest level of Shooto. So not the big name fighters, but a chance to see the up and coming starts with some experienced fighters yet to make it on the big scene.

The fights for this Saturday:

Yuki Shoujou 6-3-2 vs. 10-8-1 Junji Ikoma
Akihiro Murayama 7-2-4 Vs. 1-0-1 Makoto Maeda” Chomolangma 1/2”
Ryuichi Miki 4-2-2 vs. 5-3-2 Toshimichi Akagi
Koumei Okada 4-6-1 vs. 0-1-1Kunio Nakajima
Yuji Inoue 3-2-1 vs. 2-3-3 Hiroshi Nakamura
Takehiro Ishii 5-4-2 vs. 2-7-2 Kenichi Sawada
Takahiro Hosoi 4-3-1 vs. 2-1-0 Yuta Nedu
Hiroyuki Abe (shooto) 2-0-0 (Sherdog 1-1-0) vs. 0-4-1 Tomohiko Yoshida
Guy Delameau 5-2-0 vs. 0-3-1 Shinobu Miura
Noboru Tahara (Shooto) 1-2-0 (sherdog 2-1-0) vs. 1-0-0 Junji Ito


HERO'S KOREA 2007 10/28 - Fights

Hero's announced most (I would expect some 1 or 2 additions) of their fights for the event in Korea later this month.

There has was a few surprises, a few rumors that were wrong, but it looks like a really good card. And of course a card made for the Korean crowd. With a very interesting main event!

Denis Kang will meet Akiyama in his debut. I did not expect him to meet this level opponent in his first fight (was half expecting an easy first fight). Akiyama has not fought since the much publicized fight with Sakuraba last year, but FEG is not going to make this return easy for him. My edge here would go to Kang, purely because he is one of the best fighters in the world at this weight.

Also, the Wanderlei look-a-like, Fabio Silva, gets another chance in Hero's. This time against Dong Sik Yoon. Judging by last month, Dong will take this, but he is very different type of fighter. Silva`s record is better then Dong, but Dong has met much better opponents.

Minowaman, always a crowd pleaser. Will face of against Atlanta Olympics silver medalist, Min Soo Kim. This is the fighter who lost to Brock Lesnar, and I would guess a loss again. The home fans really need to cheer him on if he is going to have a chance against Minowaman.

The MMA debut of Marcelo Garcia is also highly anticipated. FEG has put him up against Kim Dae Won. This should be a good guide for his MMA skills.

And, in their series "TV celebrities meets real fighters" Bernard Ackah will meet Poai Suganuma. This is a side of K-1/Hero's I don't like... Bernard Ackah is not close to being the worst example, but in my mind he needs to prove his spot in an event like this. Just hope Suganuma doesn't hurt him... For those who dont know Suganuma, he trains at B.J. Penn`s gym and got to the final in last years Pancrase tournament. There he lost to Kestutis Arbocius (who did not turn up for his championship fight last weekend).

Denis Kang 27-8-1 Vs. 9-1-0 Yoshihiro Akiyama
Dong Sik Yoon 2-4-0Vs. 9-3-0 Fabio Silva
Taiei Kin 2-1-0 Vs. 6-3-0 Zelg "Benkei" Galesik
Lee Tae-Hyun Vs. 6-16-0 Yoshihisa Yamamoto
Minowaman 38-25-8 Vs. 3-6-0 Kim Min Soo
Carlos Newton 13-12-0 Vs. 6-10-0 Shungo Oyama
Bernard Ackah 2-1-0 Vs. 7-1-0 Poai Suganuma
Marcelo Garcia 0-0-0 Vs. 3-3-0 Kim Dae Won


Video: Eduardo Dants vs Fabio Oliveira Round 3

Tuesday 16 October 2007

18 year old Eduardo "Dudu" Dantas is brought in to fight "BJ" on November 8. This is a very good chance for him to advance in the rankings.

Dantas is defiantely a fighter to watch for the future.


World Victory Road- The New Pride?

Monday 15 October 2007

World Victory Road announced today their intentions of starting a new organization, similar to Pride. The details are still somewhat unclear, however, financial backing seems to be secured through the support of Don Quijote.

They did not announce any specifics, like fighters, however, with the fall of Pride there are lots of fighters available.

Questions still remain:
-Will they be able to attract fighters?
-When will the first event be held?
-Can they secure a TV deal?
-Can they replace Pride??

Currently, they are looking to name the organization and suggestions can be sent to:




10/14 Pancrase - Results

Pancrase had to cancel their title match yesterday, but still managed to put on a good show. In the new main event, Yuki Kondo returned to the Pancrase ring. Kondo looked in impressive form as he took his first victory in 10 months.

Also Kenji Arai broke his 3 match losing streak with a decision win over Takaichi Hirayama.

Yuki Kondo beat Sakuragi Yuji by decision
Manabu Inoue beat Jung Jin Suk by submission, Round 2, 1:47
Takuya Wada beat Kim Hyoung Kwang by decision (Kwang suffered a cut and was unable to continue)
Hikaru Sato beat Abe Kentaro by rear naked choke, Round 2, 2:27
Kenji Arai beat Takaichi Hirayama by decision
Asaki Honda beat Sakaguchi Yukio by heel hook Round 1, 0:57
Asano Michihisa beat Tatsuya So by TKO Round 1, 0:30
Shimizu Hayato beat Yamasawa Yuki by decision


10/13 ClubDEEP Osaka - results

Sunday 14 October 2007

Hamamura Ken beat Kitazaki Yasushi by unanimous decision
Fukami Tomoyuki beat Marlon Medeiros by Rear naked choke Round 1, 3:53
Etou Tooru beat Yabu by Tridange choke, Round 1, 1:33
Takahara Nobuyoshi beat Yonashiro Yasu by TKO Round 2, 4:14

~Young Challenge Story~ (Tournament finals for the Kanto area, a winner must be decided in these fights)
Takeno Ren VS Hirayama Jin
Fujita Shouhei VS Harada Masakimi
Tanaka Kazuma VS Nakagawa Kouki
Umeda Akiho VS Nakamura Suzuna


10/14 Pancrase - UPDATE

There has been drama in the Pancrase camp this week. Arbocius "Tiger" was due to fight Assuerio Silva for the King of Pancrase title today, however, "Tiger" is missing.

This effectlively cancelles the main-event for today`s Pancrase event.
Sherdog reports that Pancrase has offered the fight to several Japanese fighters, however, no one has excepted.

As a result, Pancrase will be offering refunds for today`s event.

The main-event is now Yuki Kondo VS. Yuji Sakuragi.


Video: Takeshi Inoue vs. Antonio Carvalho

Saturday 13 October 2007

This video is from May 2006. Lion Takeshi will be fighting in November. Hopefully Antonio will as well. Antonio is ranked #4 on Sherdog`s feather weight ranking, "Lion" Takeshi #3.


11/8 Shooto - Back to Our Roots 6

Finally Shoot have confirmed some of the match-ups for their 11. November event in Yoyogi Gymnasium. I expect this to be the best shooto card this year, and so far it looks very good.

Already the card has 4-5 very good fights, the hightlights for me:
-Welterweight title fight between Nakamura and Endo.
-Most likely a chance for Toida or Lion Takeshi to get a chance at Tamura`s Light weight title (I hope they add Antonio Carvalho to this card, an amazing fighter and always fun to watch! Currently Carvalho is ranked #2 in this weight class.
-"BJ" Kojima will have a non-title fight against Dantas. Dantas is an 18 year old Brazilian with an impressive record (his only loss is by DQ). This is his chance to climb up the rankings.
-Yozen vs. Silva is also an interesting match-up. Silva is unknown to me, but fighting out of Nova Uniao I am sure he is a very skillful fighter.
-I like it when there are good female fights on the card, and this time "Mega Megu" will fight. For me, this might be the main event. Female fighters are not getting the credit they deserve, and "Mega Megu" is the best there is! It is a relief that they have put her up agianst the exerienced Takabayashi. This is a fight I am really looking forward to.

The confirmed fights:
Takashi Nakakura 8-2-1 VS 10-1-1 Yusuke Endo
Katsuya Toida 10-6-3 VS 13-2-0 “Lion” Takeshi Inoue
Shinichi Kojima “BJ” 8-1-4 VS 2-1-0 Eduardo Dantas
Masaaki Sugawara 6-1-0 VS 3-2-0 Rambaa Somdet “M16”
Masashi Yozen 5-1-1 VS Leandro Batata Silva
Megumi Fujii “Mega Megu” 11-0-0 VS 8-1-0 Kyoko Takabayashi
Hayate Usui 7-5-1 VS 3-1-2 Shintaro Ishiwatari


New Sherdog Rankings

The Sherdog Rnakings for October, the fighters in Japan are:

7. (7) Denis Kang Signed with HERO’s, will fight in HERO’s in Korea Oct. 28

8. (8) Shinya Aoki Shooto champ, no fight set up currently. Free agent, will he take up JZ’s Challenge and fight in Hero’s? He is undoubtedly wanted by DEEP and Shooto, in addition to the new “J-Rock” organization.

1. (1)Takanori Gomi Rumored to join a new organization. A press conference is due to be held on Monday where this organization will be presented.
3. (8) Gesias "JZ" Calvancanti moved up in the rankings after winning the Hero’S tournament in September.
4. (3)Tatsuya Kawajiri Former Shooto fighter, future uncertain. Rumored to return to the ring Nov. 8 on the Shooto card
5. (4)
Vitor "Shaolin" Ribeiro
7. (6) Mitsuhiro Ishida Privous Pride fighter, future uncertain. My guess is that he will return to his roots in Shooto, or go to HERO’s
8. (8) Joachim Hansen Now a free agent, a chance for HERO’s. He would have lots of options now.

1. (1) Akitoshi Tamura will fight on Shooto’s supercard Nov. 8 against a yet to be named opponent.
3. (3)"Lion" Takeshi Inoue Due to fight Nov. 8 Shoot tournament.
4. (4) Antonio Carvalho I am guessing he will be on the November 8 Shooto card.
5. (7) Masakazu Imanari Deep champion, climbs 2 spots after his victory against Hiroyuki Abe and Hatsu Hioki’s loss.
7. (8) Yoshiro Maeda Pancrase fighter. No fights set
8. Jong Man Kim New on the list, the Shooto fighter beat Hatsu Hioki earlier this month and thereby deserves his place.
9. (5) Hatsu Hioki Falls 4 places after losing to Jong Man Kim.
10. (9)
Bao Quach
-. (10) Tenki Fujimiya Falls out of the list.

1. (1) Akitoshi Hokazono Shooto Champion who very rarely fights. No fights set
3. (3) Koetsu Okazaki Shooto Fighter, no fights set
4. (5)Atsushi Yamamoto Shooto fighter
5. (6)Ryota Matsune Shooto fighter, currently injured
6. Daniel Lima Shooto fighter, beat Kenji Osawa in September. My guess is that he will get a bit fight in November
7. (4)Kenji Osawa Shooto fighter. Lost to Daniel Lima in September.
8. (7)
Takeya Mizugaki

1. (1) Shinichi "BJ" Kojima Shooto Champion, next fight not set
2. (3)Yasuhiro Urushitani Shooto fighter, won against Yamaguchi September 22
3. (2) Mamoru Yamaguchi Shooto fighter, Lost against Urushitani September 22
4. (4) Masaaki Sugawara
5. (5) Yusei Shimokawa


DEEP News - Shinya Aoki

Friday 12 October 2007

There seems to be a lot of activity in the DEEP camp after the Pride offices closed. Gryphon has today reported that Saeki is planning a Japanese organisation like Pride. For me, this is something I expected him to do a while back. In my opinion DEEP is the best match maker in Japan, and it is no surprise that he wants more recognition.

The same time Gryphon posted this, DEEP announced that Shinya Aoki will appear at their Hamamatsu ClubDEEP event. Aoki is there to give an interview and will also be signing autographes.

This might be a coincident, but Saeki has been hinting towards a deal with Aoki. If this is the case, he would need to attract more international talent. The question is if he is able to.


Video: Dong Hyun Kim vs. Hidehiko Hasegawa DEEP 32

This is the title fight between Hasegawa (Champ) and Dong. Dong won the first, non title fight, but this fight ended in a draw and Hasegawa retained his title.

These are two fighters we can expect to hear a lot from in the future.


PANCRASE 2007 RISING TOUR 10.14 Differ Ariake

Wednesday 10 October 2007

Hikaru Sato, Asano Michisa and Kim Hyoung Kwang has been added to the card. Yuichiro Shirai is taken off the card.

Especially pleasing to see Hikaru Sato back, the eccentric fighter was carried out on a stretcher in his loss in July. This weekend he is matched up with relative new comer Kentaro Abe.

As I have also mentioned, this is the fight that I expect to see Kenji Arai snatch his first victory since losing to Jens Pulver by a vicious soccer kick. Kenji Arai is now on a 4 bout losing streak and desperately needs a win.

But there is no doubt about the main even, for the title “Heavy Weight King of Pancrase” Assuerio Silva will fight Kestutis "Tiger" Arbocius. This is a fight I am really looking forward to. In my book Silva is a clear favorite, but it has been a couple of months with bigger upsets than this.

Assuerio Silva 13-6-0 VS. 7-4-0 Kestutis "Tiger" Arbocius

Yuki Kondo 46-20-6 VS. 8-8-0 Sakuragi Yuji
Manabu Inoue 5-3-1 VS. 1-1-0 Jung Jin Suk
Takuya Wada 14-8-8 VS. 1-1-0 Kim Hyoung Kwang
Hikaru Sato 17-17-3 VS 0-1-0 Abe Kentaro
Kenji Arai 10-11-2 VS. 6-8-6 Takaichi Hirayama

Asaki Honda 3-1-1 VS. 1-1-0 Sakaguchi Yukio
Tatsuya So 1-1-1 VS. 3-4-2 Asano Michihisa
Yamasawa Yuki 1-3-0 VS. 2-0-0 Shimizu Hayato


ClubDEEP Osaka 10/13 - Azalea Hall

This weekend we will have ClubDEEP in Osaka. ClubDEEP is a fighting format were young fighters get a chance to show their stuff. It is also a place where the crowd gets to discover up and coming stars. The tickets are a bit cheaper and the seats a bit better, it is a very good setting for people who want to see good without the big stars.

They also have the finals for the Kanto area tournament, for the weight classes -82, -76, -70 and -65 kilo.

Hamamura Ken 11-3-3 VS 5-2-0 Kitazaki Yasushi
Fukami Tomoyuki 4-1-4 VS 2-2-0 Marlon Medeiros
Yabu 0-1-0 VS 1-0-0 Etou Tooru
Takahara Nobuyoshi VS Yonashiro Yasu

~Young Challenge Story~

(Tournament finals for the Kanto area, a winner must be decided in these fights)

Takeno Ren VS Hirayama Jin
Fujita Shouhei VS Harada Masakimi
Tanaka Kazuma VS Nakagawa Kouki
Umeda Akiho VS Nakamura Suzuna


DEEP Impact 32 - Results

Last night we had DEEP 32, the main event held the re-match of champion Hasegawa vs. Dong Hyun Kim. This time none of the fighters managed to gain a upper hand and it went to a draw. This means that Hasegawa retains his title. This also means that we will not find out if Saeki was going to come through on his promise to match Dong against Aoki if he were to win the title. Shinya Aoki is ofcourse now without a contract after the Pride offices were closed, and his signature would be very highly priced at the moment.

Also on the card was Imanari, his fight was a none title fight and he won by a very predictable ankle lock over Hirouki Abe. Fighters should be expetcting leg locks from Imanari.

Hidehiko Hasegawa VS. Dong Hyun Kim Draw, Hasegawa retains the title
Imanari Masakazu beat Hiroyuki Abe by ankle lock Round 3, 4:32
Ryuta Sakurai beat Eiji Ishikawa TKO (cut) Doctor stop after round 1
Seichi Ikemoto VS. Kiuma Kunioku Draw
Satoko Shinashi beat Sachi by armbar Round 1, 3:11
Yasuhito Namekawa beat Katsuhisa Fujii by decision 2-0
Han So Fan beat Yoshihiro Tomioka "Babaro44" by unanimous decision
Takeshi Yamazaki beat Koji YoshidaInoue by decision 2-0
Yusuke Kawaguchi Beat Seigo Mizuguchi by TKO Round 1, 2:07
Muscle Hiranuma beat Hosaka Masanari by TKO Round 1, 3:47

Shunsuke Inoue beat Wakaarashi by TKO Round 1, 0:25


ZST. 14 10/7 - Results

Monday 8 October 2007

The results from ZST. 14 on Sunday. This is the main card only.

ZST Welter Weight Title Fight
Uchimura Yojiro beat Masashi Takeda by KO ROund 1, 1:51

◆ Light semi-final single fight
Takumi Yano VS. Yokoyama Daisuke Draw

◆Lightweight Tag-team match 1 x 15 min. round  ※Grappling rule
Yokoyama Daisuke/Yamada Tetsuya Beat Takumi Yano / Hiroharu Matsufuji Round 1 0:53 by armbar

◆Feather weight
Wataru Inatsu beat Emerson Azuma Round 1, 4:03

◆Welter Weight ※ZST VT(バーリトゥード)ルール
Masanori Kanehara beat Toriyama Youichirou Round 1, 3:45 by rear naked choke

◆Bantam Weight ※ZST VT Rule
Ranki Kawana beat Keisuke Fujiwara Round 1, 2:59 by TKO

◆Welter Weight ※Grappling rules
Hiroki Kotani VS. Hiroshi Toyama Draw

◆Light Weight ※RX Rule(Down Escape OK)
Yoshinori Umeki beat Kawazu Koutaku round 1, 2:45 by ankle lock

◆Fly Weight
Noriaki Ninomiya beat Yuichiro Yajima Round 2, 3:20 by KO

◆Genesis Tournament Final 2007
Tatsuhiko Nishizaka beat Matsui Takashi Round 1, 2:20 by armbar

◆Light Weight
Ota Hiroyuki beat Aramaki Taku 4:13 by rear naked choke


Shooto Gig Central Vol. 13 10/8 - RESULTS

Shooto Gig Central was headlined by Hioki Hatsu and the highly rated Shooto fighter was expected to put in an impressive performance in front of his home crowd. Instead the fighter ranked as the 5th best featherweight fighter in the world continued the trend of upsets we have seen as he lost by decision 2-1 to Jong Man Kim. This also puts a dent in Hatsu`s title hopes.

Jong Man Kim beat Hioki Hatsu by decision 2-1
Yoshitaro Niimi beat Keisuke Sakai by decision 3-0
Shinichi Hanawa beat Hiroshi Sakamoto by decision 3-0
Tomokazu Yuasa beat Toshihiko Sugimoto by decision 3-0
Takesuke Kume beat YuasaTakuya Sato by armbar Round 1, 1:11


Video: Hideki Kadowaki vs Rumina Sato 9/24

Sunday 7 October 2007

September was a month with lots of upsets, globally, in MMA. The biggest surprise in Japan was that Kadowaki beat Rumina.

The victory in itself that not the biggest surprise.But that he did it by a "Kadowaki Special" was a bit of a surprise, Rumina should have been expecting this. The win is listed as a rear naked choke, but think that is only because there is no other way to describe it.


K-1 Hero's 10/28

Saturday 6 October 2007

Marcelinho Garcia has signed to fight Kim Dae Won in Hero's in Korea October 28. This is a video of Marcelinho Garcia from last year. He is an accomplished BJJ fighter with 1 MMA fight (win). I have only seen Kim Dae Won in one fight, his loss to Joe Doerksen in DEEP 29. This was a fight he was tied up and submitted by a triangle choke within 4 minutes.

Other fighter confirmed for this event:
-Yoshihiro Akiyama
-Denis Kang
-Dong Sik Yoon
-Taiei Kin
-Kim Min Soo
-Shugo Oyama
-Bernard Ackah


Video: Masakazu Imanari

This is a little bit of what you can expect to see from Imanari on Tuesday. He is famous for his leglocks, and he can go for it from nearly any position.

A very technical ground fighter, but expect him to dive in when he is standing up.


DEEP 32 10/9

On Tuesday Deep will present their 32nd installment of Deep Impact. This time the headline fights include the champion Hasegawa facing Dong Hyun Kim in a title fight. This is a re-match of their fight from Deep Impact 31 where Dong won (You can see that fight here). Also the leg lock specialist Imanari will face Hiroyuki Abe (You can see Imanari vs. Hansen here and a highlights video here).

DEEP promoter Saeki has, accourding to Sherdog, hinted at a fight with Shinya Aoki, if Dong Hyun Kim was to beat Hasegawa on Tuesday. This is not as unlikely as it might seem. Aoki is currently (accourding to rumors) a free agent after the Pride offices was closed. In addition to this, he has a good relationship with Hasegawa, Saeki and DEEP. I know he was there as a side commentator during DEEP 29.

No doubt this will be the event of the weekend (even though it is on Tuesday).

Hidehiko Hasegawa 14-8-3 VS. 8-0-0 Dong Hyun Kim
Imanari Masakazu 12-5-1 VS. 7-12-3 Hiroyuki Abe
Ryuta Sakurai 14-13-4 VS. 14-12-2 Eiji Ishikawa
Satoko Shinashi 24-1-2 VS. Sachi
Seichi Ikemoto 15-14-4 VS. 31-22-8 Kiuma Kunioku
Mizuguchi Seigo 1-2-0 VS. 2-0-0 Yusuke Kawaguchi
Yoshihiro Tomioka "Babaro44" 9-3-2 VS. Han So Fan
Yasuhito Namekawa 17-13-3 VS. 8-12-1 Katsuhisa Fujii
Takeshi Yamazaki 11-7-2 VS. 2-3-2 Koji Yoshida
Inoue Shunsuke Vs. Wakaarashi
Muscle Hiranuma 1-2-0 VS. 0-0-0 Hosaka Masanari


10/8 Shooto Gig Central Vol.13

Friday 5 October 2007

Shooto goes to Nagoya for their Shooto Gig Central Vol. 13. The main event here features Hioki Hatsu, which Sherdog has ranked as #5 in the world for this weight class. No doubt the home fans will be waiting to see him in action. This is not a very highly rated card as we can expect in Shooto`s "Back To Our Roots" events, but it does provide some good experience for their talents.

Hioki Hatsu 12-2-1 VS. 2-2-1 Jong Man Kim
Yoshitaro Niimi 3-2-1 VS. 3-2-1 Keisuke Sakai
Shinichi Hanawa 2-6-1 VS. 2-2-0 Hiroshi Sakamoto
Toshihiko Sugimoto 1-0-1 VS. 1-1-1 Tomokazu Yuasa

Takuya Sato 1-1-1 VS. 1-0-1 Takesuke Kume


DSE/Pride FC Tokyo offices closes

Thursday 4 October 2007

Gryphon has already posted this, but Pride FC/DSE`s Tokyo (which is their HQ) was closed October 4. In addition, all the staff empolyed there was let go. This is a huge blow to us that were hoping for a return, all we have to do now is wait and see if UFC is going to make a move into Japan. (http://sportsnavi.yahoo.co.jp/fight/pride/headlines/20071004-00000024-spnavi-fight.html)


K-1 Middle Weight Tournament 10/3 - Result

Wednesday 3 October 2007

Main Event:Final K-1World Max Middle Weight Tournament
Andy Souwer by TKO towel thrown after round 1 VS. Masato
Andy Souwer got in a few good leg kicks, after round 1 it was clear that Masato was not able to continue. Leg kicks from both Buakaw and Kyshenko also probably played a part.

Fight #9: Super Fight
Su Hwan Lee by decision 3-0 VS. Kazuya Yasuhiro

Fight #8: Semi Final (2)
Andy Souwer by decision 2-0 VS. Albert Kraus 
A very hard fight between the 2 dutch fighters. Andy Souwer edges out Kraus by decision.

Fight #7: Semi Final (1)
Masato by KO Round 2 0:30 VS. Artur Kyshenko
Masato will go fresh into the final after getting past Kyshenko in the 2nd round. First round was close, I would probably have given it to Kyshenko, and I believe he will be a fighter to watch in the future.

Fight #6 : Quarter Final (4)
Andy Souwer by KO Round 2 1:39 VS. Drago
In what had been a close fight Souwer KOed Drago with a right.

Fight #5 : Quarter Final (3)
Albert Kraus by decision 3-0 VS. Yoshihiro Sato
Kraus won a very deserved victory. In the end it was boxing skills and experience that made the difference, Sato failed to keep Kraus at a distance.

Fight #4 : Quarter Final (2)
Artur Kyshenko by decision 3-0 VS. Mike Zambidis
After 3 rounds we had a draw, and we had a 4th round in this fight. Kyshenko made his Superior reach count and went through in a close fight.

Fight #3 : Quarter Final (1)
Masato by decision 3-0 VS. Buakaw Por. Pramuk
Masato made Superior boxing skills count and won a deserved decision against Buakaw.

Fight #2 : Reserve Fight (1)
Virgil Kalakoda by KO Round 2 1:56 Takayuki Kohiruimaki 

Fight #1 : Super Fight
HIROYA by decision 3-0 VS. Kwon Eolzzang


K-1 World Max 2007 Nippon Budokan 10/3

Tuesday 2 October 2007

For the second time in a week K-1 hosts an event. This time its in Tokyo, at Nippon Budokan. This is the middleweight tournament, and will feature stars such as Buakaw Por. Pramuk, Andy Souwer, Albert Kraus and Masato. For the full line up, read on.

Main Event:Final K-1World Max
Winner Semi Final (1) VS Winner Semi Final (2)

Fight #9: Super Fight
Kazuya Yasuhiro VS. Su Hwan Lee

Fight #8: Semi Final (2)
Winner Quarter Final (3) VS. Winner Quarter Final (4)

Fight #7: Semi Final (1)
Winner Quarter Final (1) VS, Winner Quarter Final (2)

Fight #6 : Quarter Final (4)
Andy Souwer VS. Drago

Fight #5 : Quarter Final (3)
Albert Kraus VS. Yoshihiro Sato

Fight #4 : Quarter Final (2)
Mike Zambidis VS. Artur Kyshenko

Fight #3 : Quarter Final (1)
Masato VS. Buakaw Por. Pramuk

Fight #2 : Reserve Fight (1)
Takayuki Kohiruimaki VS. Virgil Kalakoda

Fight #1 : Super Fight
HIROYA VS. Kwon Eolzzang

Murat Direkci VS. Satoruvashicoba
GORI VS. Ryoji



Video: Best of Bas Rutten

Found this on Youtube and thought I would make a good post, people who are new to MMA probably know Bas as a commentator. However, he is one of the true legends of the sport.

Most of his fights were in Pancrase here in Japan. He has beaten guys such as Frank Shamrock, Guy Mezger and Kevin Randleman. His record stands at 28-4-1 and his last fight was in July 2006.


HERO'S KOREA 2007 10/28

Monday 1 October 2007

It is official, FEG announced today that Denis Kang and Yoshihiro Akiyama will fight in HERO'S in Seoul 10/28. Denis Kang's debut in HERO'S will be eagerly anticipated by his Korean fans.

Also due to appear is Dong Sik Yoon who had an impressive win in Hero's last month. In addition to Taiei Kin who has 3 fights in Heros with a 2-1 record.

The oponents for these fighters have not yet been set, but this will be a very exciting event for the Korean fans.


Pancrase Rising Tour 9/30 - Results

Its been a busy weekend for fight enthusiasts in the Kanto area. Yesterday we had Shooto, today we have had the Pancrase event in Shin Umeda`s Stella Hall. Again, this was an event without the big names, but lots of new fighters out to prove themselves. The main event put Pancrase feather weight ranked #4 Mitsuhisa Sunabe up against Daichi Fujiwara. We also saw Pancrase ranked #5 Naoji Fujimoto against Panchii Yamauchi.

Daichi Fujiwara Beat Mitsuhisa Sunabe by KO, 0:09 into 2nd round (high-kick)

Naoji Fujimoto Beat Panchii Yamauchi by decision 3-0

Yushi Shiori Beat Takadaya Satoru by submission (Choke) 4:04 into 1st round

Toryu Masahiro Beat Noriyuki Kitaura by decision 3-0

ストラッサー起一 (Kiichi Kunimoto) Beat Yuta Nakamura by TKO, punches

Hasegawa Takashi Vs. Kenta Nakamura Draw

Asuka Ito Beat Kinuka Sasaki by decision 2-0

土生陽介 VS. 阪本洋平 Draw

手塚基伸 VS. 上嶋祐紀 Draw

江崎賢二 beat 西田翔 by TKO, 1:52 into the 2nd round



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