DEEP Impact 32 - Results

Wednesday 10 October 2007

Last night we had DEEP 32, the main event held the re-match of champion Hasegawa vs. Dong Hyun Kim. This time none of the fighters managed to gain a upper hand and it went to a draw. This means that Hasegawa retains his title. This also means that we will not find out if Saeki was going to come through on his promise to match Dong against Aoki if he were to win the title. Shinya Aoki is ofcourse now without a contract after the Pride offices were closed, and his signature would be very highly priced at the moment.

Also on the card was Imanari, his fight was a none title fight and he won by a very predictable ankle lock over Hirouki Abe. Fighters should be expetcting leg locks from Imanari.

Hidehiko Hasegawa VS. Dong Hyun Kim Draw, Hasegawa retains the title
Imanari Masakazu beat Hiroyuki Abe by ankle lock Round 3, 4:32
Ryuta Sakurai beat Eiji Ishikawa TKO (cut) Doctor stop after round 1
Seichi Ikemoto VS. Kiuma Kunioku Draw
Satoko Shinashi beat Sachi by armbar Round 1, 3:11
Yasuhito Namekawa beat Katsuhisa Fujii by decision 2-0
Han So Fan beat Yoshihiro Tomioka "Babaro44" by unanimous decision
Takeshi Yamazaki beat Koji YoshidaInoue by decision 2-0
Yusuke Kawaguchi Beat Seigo Mizuguchi by TKO Round 1, 2:07
Muscle Hiranuma beat Hosaka Masanari by TKO Round 1, 3:47

Shunsuke Inoue beat Wakaarashi by TKO Round 1, 0:25


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