PANCRASE 2007 RISING TOUR 10.14 Differ Ariake

Wednesday 10 October 2007

Hikaru Sato, Asano Michisa and Kim Hyoung Kwang has been added to the card. Yuichiro Shirai is taken off the card.

Especially pleasing to see Hikaru Sato back, the eccentric fighter was carried out on a stretcher in his loss in July. This weekend he is matched up with relative new comer Kentaro Abe.

As I have also mentioned, this is the fight that I expect to see Kenji Arai snatch his first victory since losing to Jens Pulver by a vicious soccer kick. Kenji Arai is now on a 4 bout losing streak and desperately needs a win.

But there is no doubt about the main even, for the title “Heavy Weight King of Pancrase” Assuerio Silva will fight Kestutis "Tiger" Arbocius. This is a fight I am really looking forward to. In my book Silva is a clear favorite, but it has been a couple of months with bigger upsets than this.

Assuerio Silva 13-6-0 VS. 7-4-0 Kestutis "Tiger" Arbocius

Yuki Kondo 46-20-6 VS. 8-8-0 Sakuragi Yuji
Manabu Inoue 5-3-1 VS. 1-1-0 Jung Jin Suk
Takuya Wada 14-8-8 VS. 1-1-0 Kim Hyoung Kwang
Hikaru Sato 17-17-3 VS 0-1-0 Abe Kentaro
Kenji Arai 10-11-2 VS. 6-8-6 Takaichi Hirayama

Asaki Honda 3-1-1 VS. 1-1-0 Sakaguchi Yukio
Tatsuya So 1-1-1 VS. 3-4-2 Asano Michihisa
Yamasawa Yuki 1-3-0 VS. 2-0-0 Shimizu Hayato


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