11/8 Shooto - Back to Our Roots 6 - Joachim Hansen NEWS

Sunday 21 October 2007

Sherdog reports that Joachim Hansen is due to make his return to the ring in Shooto event "Back to our roots 6". This would make the card one of the best in Japan this year. In my mind, rivaling the HERO`s middleweight tournament.

The Sherdog source is the opponent, Eiji Mitsuoka.

Already on the card we have:
-Bantamweight title holder “BJ” Kojima
-Lightweight title holder Akitoshi Tamura
-Female standout Megumi Fujii
-Lightweight ranked #2 Antonio Carvalho
-A Welterweight title fight (Nakakura vs. Endo)
-Lightweight “Lion” Takeshi

Add Joachim Hansen to this and we have the super-card Shooto has promised that it will be.

The card for this event so far:
Takashi Nakakura 8-2-1 VS  10-1-1 Yusuke Endo
Katsuya Toida 10-6-3 VS 13-2-0 “Lion” Takeshi Inoue
Shinichi Kojima “BJ” 8-1-4 VS 2-1-0 Eduardo Dantas
Masaaki Sugawara 6-1-0 VS 3-2-0 Rambaa Somdet “M16”
Masashi Yozen 5-1-1 VS Leandro Batata Silva
Megumi Fujii “Mega Megu” 11-0-0 VS 8-1-0 Kyoko Takabayashi
Hayate Usui 7-5-1 VS 3-1-2 Shintaro Ishiwatari
Antonio Carvalho10-2-0 vs 8-4-1 Hiroyuki Takaya
Akitoshi Tamura 11-5-2 vs. TBA

I got my ticket today...


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