Pancrase Rising Tour 9/30 - Results

Monday 1 October 2007

Its been a busy weekend for fight enthusiasts in the Kanto area. Yesterday we had Shooto, today we have had the Pancrase event in Shin Umeda`s Stella Hall. Again, this was an event without the big names, but lots of new fighters out to prove themselves. The main event put Pancrase feather weight ranked #4 Mitsuhisa Sunabe up against Daichi Fujiwara. We also saw Pancrase ranked #5 Naoji Fujimoto against Panchii Yamauchi.

Daichi Fujiwara Beat Mitsuhisa Sunabe by KO, 0:09 into 2nd round (high-kick)

Naoji Fujimoto Beat Panchii Yamauchi by decision 3-0

Yushi Shiori Beat Takadaya Satoru by submission (Choke) 4:04 into 1st round

Toryu Masahiro Beat Noriyuki Kitaura by decision 3-0

ストラッサー起一 (Kiichi Kunimoto) Beat Yuta Nakamura by TKO, punches

Hasegawa Takashi Vs. Kenta Nakamura Draw

Asuka Ito Beat Kinuka Sasaki by decision 2-0

土生陽介 VS. 阪本洋平 Draw

手塚基伸 VS. 上嶋祐紀 Draw

江崎賢二 beat 西田翔 by TKO, 1:52 into the 2nd round


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