DEEP 32 10/9

Saturday 6 October 2007

On Tuesday Deep will present their 32nd installment of Deep Impact. This time the headline fights include the champion Hasegawa facing Dong Hyun Kim in a title fight. This is a re-match of their fight from Deep Impact 31 where Dong won (You can see that fight here). Also the leg lock specialist Imanari will face Hiroyuki Abe (You can see Imanari vs. Hansen here and a highlights video here).

DEEP promoter Saeki has, accourding to Sherdog, hinted at a fight with Shinya Aoki, if Dong Hyun Kim was to beat Hasegawa on Tuesday. This is not as unlikely as it might seem. Aoki is currently (accourding to rumors) a free agent after the Pride offices was closed. In addition to this, he has a good relationship with Hasegawa, Saeki and DEEP. I know he was there as a side commentator during DEEP 29.

No doubt this will be the event of the weekend (even though it is on Tuesday).

Hidehiko Hasegawa 14-8-3 VS. 8-0-0 Dong Hyun Kim
Imanari Masakazu 12-5-1 VS. 7-12-3 Hiroyuki Abe
Ryuta Sakurai 14-13-4 VS. 14-12-2 Eiji Ishikawa
Satoko Shinashi 24-1-2 VS. Sachi
Seichi Ikemoto 15-14-4 VS. 31-22-8 Kiuma Kunioku
Mizuguchi Seigo 1-2-0 VS. 2-0-0 Yusuke Kawaguchi
Yoshihiro Tomioka "Babaro44" 9-3-2 VS. Han So Fan
Yasuhito Namekawa 17-13-3 VS. 8-12-1 Katsuhisa Fujii
Takeshi Yamazaki 11-7-2 VS. 2-3-2 Koji Yoshida
Inoue Shunsuke Vs. Wakaarashi
Muscle Hiranuma 1-2-0 VS. 0-0-0 Hosaka Masanari


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