5/9 M-1 Challenge Brazil 4th Edition

Saturday 9 May 2009

Tonight I am going to have another go at streaming M-1 Challenge, this time from Brazil. As usual, there is lots of talent on the M-1 Challenge card. I am not too familiar with a lot of fighters on here, but a few I do know.

Jason Jones on the Benelux team is a very stron fighter and he always puts on a good fight. Also look out for Hacran Dias on the Brazilian team, he is still undefeated and even though I only saw his draw, it was enough to tell that he is a very talented and technical fighter.

The teams squaring off tonight are:
Bulgaria vs. Benelux
Russia Legion vs. Germany
Brazil vs. Team Imperial

1 fighter struggled with making weight, Eduardo Pamplona was .6kg over and I am not sure if there was a conclution.

The stream should start at:
Tokyo: 8:00AM (10th)
St. Petersburg 3:00AM (10th)
Helsinki 2:00AM (10th)
Paris: 1:00AM (10th)
London: 0:00 (midnight)
Sao Paulo 8:00PM

The stream will be available at the M-1 site if not on this.

Bulgaria vs. Benelux
1. -70kg: Yanko Yanev (69.5 kg) 6-1-0 vs. 6-4-3 Dan van Bergen (70 kg)
2. -76kg: Ivan Ivanov (76 kg) 4-1-0 vs. 9-8-0 Raymond Jarman (69.3 kg)
3. -84kg: Jordan Radev (83.8 kg) 18-4-0 vs. Danny Smit (82.7 kg)
4. -93kg: Emil Samoilov (91.6 kg) vs. 8-6-0 Jason Jones (89.4 kg)
5. +93kg: Nikola Dipchkov (96.6 kg) vs. 6-2-0 Jessie Gibbs (125 kg)

Russia Legion vs. Germany
6. -70kg: Yura Ivlev (69.2kg) 6-5-0 vs. 11-3-0 Franco de Leonardis (70kg)
7. -76kg: Magomed Shihshabekov (75.3kg) 2-0-0 vs. 2-3-0 Sven Heising (76kg)
8. -84kg: Sergey Kornev (83.7kg) 5-0-0 vs. 4-1-0 Gregor Herb (83.7kg)
9. -93kg: Gadzimyrat Omarov (92.8kg) 3-0-0 vs. 2-0-0 Ismail Centinkaya (83.8kg)
10. +93kg: Akhmed Sultanov (110kg) 3-3-0 vs. 1-2-0 Lars Klug (109.7kg)

Brazil vs. Team Imperial
11. -70kg: Hacran Dias (69.3kg) 10-0-1 vs. 1-0-0 Amirkhan Mazikhov (69.8kg)
12. -76kg: Eduardo Pamplona (*76.6kg) 10-2-0 vs. 9-9-0 Erik Oganov (75.9kg)
13. -84kg: Leandro Silva (83.6kg) 13-5-0 vs. 7-3-1 Dmitry Samoilov (83.8kg)
14. -93kg: Alexander Machado (92.6kg) vs. 8-2-0 Mikhail Zayats (91.2kg)
15. +93kg: Joaquim Ferreira de Rocha (106kg) vs. 2-1-0 Maksim Grishin (96.6kg)


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