5/24 ZST 20 - RESULTS

Tuesday 26 May 2009

ZST had their ZST 20 in Differ Ariake on Sunday. On the card was a title fight and a very some very interesting fights. On the card were UFC, DREAM and Sengoku veterans.

ZST has some interesting rules and it leads to some very high paced grappling fights, and without the judges a fighter is urged to finish the fight. This eliminates fighters that tend to stay on top and waiting for the judges decisions to go their way.

I am sure a lot of fans made their way to Differ Ariake for the tag-team fight. From what I have seen, it was a spectacular fight with lots of "air" inn the takedowns.

Main-Event: ZST Bantamweight Title fight:
Keisuke Fujiwara Def. Yuichiro "Yukito" Shirai by TKO Round 2 4:37

Co-Main event 2x5min.:
Kuniyoshi Hironaka Def. Naoyuki Kotani by neck-lock Round 2 2:43

Lightweight Tag-Team Fight: 
Masayuki Okude/Tetsuya Yamada vs. Katsuhiko Nagata/Kazuyuki Miyata DRAW

Shuichiro Katsumura Def. Hiroyuki Yamashiro by twister Round 1 2:56
Kenichi Ito Def. Takumi Yano by DQ (3 yellow cards)
Osami Shibuya Def. Ichiro Kojima by arm-bar Round 1 2:37

I have not been able to find the results for the undercard:

SWAT! Bout 2x5min.:
15. Feather: Shunichi Shimizu 14-4-5 vs. 6-3-0 Kohei Kuraoka
14. Welter: Shingo Matsuda 4-8-1 vs. 2-0-1 Teruhiko Higashitani
13. Bantam: Ichiro Sugita 8-2-5 vs. 3-1-1 Tetsuya Fusano
12. Bantam: Takeaki Miyakawa 6-4-1 vs. 4-7-2 Toshihiro Shimizu
11. Feather: Takayuki Kishi 1-2-2 vs. 0-0-1 Yasuo Munakata
10. Welter: Yoichiro Toriyama vs. 2-5-0 Takaya Asano

SWAT! Bout 2x5min. GT-F (Grappling Rule): 
9. Female Minimum: Miki Aiba vs. Yoko Milano
8. Female Minimum: Ayumi Funakoshi vs. Miyoko
7. Welter: Hiroyuki Ota vs. Takamichi

Genesis Bout 1x5min.:
6. Feather: Takeshi Otaki 0-0-3 vs. Hayato Sawai
5. Feather: Masamitsu Nakamura 1-0-0 vs. Takahide Kobayashi
4. Bantam: Masatoshi Kondo 0-2-1 vs. 0-1-0 Kengo Okubo
3. Light: Shobu Ono vs. Hisashi Ito

Genesis Bout 1x5min GT-F (Grappling Rule):
2. Feather: Masato Arai vs. Shinya Irei
1. Light: Kazuto Nakamura vs. Toshihisa Shinomiya


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