2/27 Shooting Disco 11 "Tiger! Tiger! Tiger!" - RESULTS

Saturday 27 February 2010

Gutsman Production held their 11th Shooting Disco in Shinjuku Face earlier today.

There are always a lot of young talented fighters on this card, and looking at the results here I think Keita Kono will be one to look for in the future. Ochi is a strong competitor, but Kono remains undefeated.

11. Fly: Junji "Sarumaru" Ito Def. Hiroaki Yoshioka by Decision 3-0
10. Light: Komei Okada Def. Hidenori Nishino by rear-naked choke Round 2 0:54
9. Bantam: Tatsuya "Nakashi" Nakashima Def. Yosuke "Flying Monkey No.2" Saruta by rear-naked choke Round 1 1:54
8. Feather: Keita Kono Def. Haruo Ochi by Decision 3-0
7. Light: Yohei Suzuki Def. Yuji Inoue by KO Round 1 1:13
6. Light: Kosuke Kindaichi Def. Kenichiro Marui by TKO Round 2 2:35

Shooto Rookie Tournament:
5. Bantam: Hiroshi Osato Def. Akinobu Watanabe by Decision 2-0
4. Middle: Yusaku Inoue Def. Taijiro Iseki by Decision 3-0
3. Feather: Keita Ishibashi Def. Hiroaki Ijima
2. Fly: Jun Nabeshima Def. Takafumi Ato by Decision 2-0
1. Light: Yoshifumi Nakamura Def. Takayuki Hiose by Decision 3-0

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