Saturday 6 February 2010

Earlier today DEEP held their 5th DEEP X, or grappling event. It was a very good card.

The highlight was a Japan vs. USA 3 fight competition. DEEP flew in some of the best grapplers from the US, to take on some of the best Japan had to offer. From the fighters, I thought the US would be the favorites, but Japan had the homefield, and of course some very good grapplers of their own. In the end Japan took it home 2-1.

Japan vs. US (3 Fights):
81.5kg: Keita "K-Taro" Nakamura Def. Paul Schreiner by Kimura Round 2 1:44
68kg: Baret Yoshida Def. Kohei Yasumi by Triangle choke Round 1 3:38
73kg: Takashi Yamada def. Ryan Hall by Guillotine choke Round 2 1:30

56kg: Sayaka Shiota Def. Rikako Yuasa by kneebar Round 1 0:22
Open: Marcos "Marquinhos" Souza vs. KOTESU Cancelled
66kg: Tsubasa Tobinaga Def. Akihiro Hoshino by armbar Round 2 1:21
85kg: Motoki Miyazawa Def. Yuji Arai by choke round 1 2:13
Open: Taijiro Ui Def. Yuichi Ozono by points 8-2
Open: Hideki Sekine Def. Singh "Heart" Jaideep by points 27-1

Opening Fights:  
63kg (1x5min.): Yuruka Sasaki vs. Yasushi Kiuchi Draw
75kg (1x5min.): 崇寿 Matsumoto Def. Nobuto Horiuchi by points 8-2
69kg (1x5min.): Takehiro Isetani Def. Tatsuya Karasana by choke 4:04
70kg (1x5min.): Kleber Koike Def. Hideto Okada by points 2-0

Future Fights:
67kg (1x5min.): Takumi Murata Def. Kazuto Hamasaki by points 13-0
77kg (1x5min.): Takahiro Kanda Def. Naoto Miyazaki by points 4-2
65kg (1x5min.): Yuto Hirai Def. Yasufumi Suzaki by points 6-4
62kg (1x5min.): Michinori Tanaka Def. Satoru Ida

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