5/23 Jewels 8th Ring - Weigh-in & Fight Order

Saturday 22 May 2010

More pics on the Jewels blog.

The weigh-ins are done, and here is what I think will be the fight order (I have seen 2 different fight orders and I am not 100% sure which is correct).

7. 52kg: Saori Ishioka 8-4-0 (51.9kg) vs. (51.5kg) 3-2-0 Mai Ichii

6. Open: Hiroko Yamanaka 8-1-1 (n/a) vs. (n/a) 2-3-0 Atsuko Emoto
5. SB-Rule 54kg: Ai Takahashi (53.9kg) vs. (53.9kg) Yukino Oishi
4. 52kg: Mika Nagano 6-2-0 (52.0kg) vs. (51.2kg) 0-4-0 Celine Haga
3. 52kg: Yuko Kagoshima 1-3-0 (51.9kg) vs. (51.8kg) 0-1-0 Miyo Yoshida
2. SB-Rule 63kg: Cho Benkei (60.4kg) vs. (62.7kg) Kou Ozeki
1. 57kg: Yuko "Amiba" Oya 3-1-0 (56.0kg) vs. (56.6kg) 0-13-0 HARUMI

Opening Fight - Grappling:
53kg: Megumi Murata vs. Akiko Takami

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