Rin Nakai goes sexy

Sunday 19 December 2010

This will be my first post for a very long time, and what wakes me up from hypernation? One of my favorite female fighters, Rin Nakai has deceided to follow Mika Nagano and do some sexy pictures. There has already been some of those on the net, but she has now added to the collection.

The pictures were posted in relation to an interview she did with GBR, which of course you need to be a paying member to view. However, she has posted most of the pictures on her own blog

Personally I am torn in my opinons of female MMA fighters doing this to get attention. All publicity is good publicity, or so they say. But I wish the female MMA fighters could get attention for being the athletes they are, not the way they look.

Either way the pictures are nice and she didnt go as far as Hisae Watanabe once did in her acting career.

Of course there are more good news for Rin Nakai fans, the Valkyrie champion is taking on Hari in a MMA fight on SRC's New Year card.

Now for some pictures:

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Billy Hooker 20 December 2010 at 05:06  

Hey Borre, good to see a post again, even of this nature haha..

Far out, I dunno how women with tits that big can grapple without pain..

There is always the possibility she did this for money..? Most MMA fighters in Japan male and female have full time jobs and doing something like this just might help compensate for time off during fight prep and time off during recovery etc.

Good to see you again mate,

Until next time.

- Billy.

Borre 20 December 2010 at 17:40  

Hi Billy,

I am sure money is a motivator, as always. Watanabe did it for the 70,000 yen. But I think it is more about the getting attention to female MMA, and through that she would also increase her marketability.

Either way, she is a nice looking girl and a great fighter.

Anonymous,  23 December 2010 at 00:29  

I fuckin love nakarin. Extremely excited to watch here fight on SRC's SoF.

Paul 20 December 2012 at 01:58  

Rin was totally addictive even prior to her these sorts of pictures.
Unfortunately, just over 2 years on, her fighting career seems to have stalled.
Hope she can get back on track in 2013.

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