K-1 Seoul 9/29 Live Results

Saturday 29 September 2007

Hong Man Choi beat Mighty Mo by decision.

1 judge scores it a draw, 2 for Hong Man Choi.

3rd round is Choi trying to keep Mighty Mo at a distance with kick. He is successful with a few exceptions, where Might Mo shows his punching power. The fight goes to decision.

2nd round starts with punches from Mighty Mo. Choi answers with kicks and one hits illegally and there is a short break. The round finishes with Choi attempting leg kicks that look more like low blows.

1st round over. The fighters are showing that they respect eachother and no real danger for any fighter in the 1st round. Very close.
Hong Man Choi has learned from their earlier fight and is careful to keep it left guard up.

The main event is about to start.

Peter Aerts beat Ray Sefo by TKO. Towel thrown between round 1 and 2 after Aerts hurt Sefo with leg kicks at the end of round 1.

The fighters feel eachother out before Aerts goes to work with leg kicks. Sefo looks hurt. Sefo takes a count, but is able to continue.

Two of the most experienced fighters in K-1 make their way to the ring.

Junichi Sawayashiki beat Junichi Sawayashiki, the ref stopped the fight half way through the 3rd round. After a couple of well placed punches and knees to the body the ref rightly stops the fight.
Fujimoto down agian, 2 times. Looks tired.

2nd round
Fujimoto has to take a count after a knee to the body. Both fighters bloody now.
The crowd goes crazy when the cameras show Denis Kang. Will he fight in HEROs Korea next month?
Fujimoto takes another count after a high kick.

1st round finished.
Junichi Sawayashiki catches a few punches and has a bloody nose, but is allowed to continue. Sawayashiki catches another uppercut and we have a 2nd doctor check. The fight continues.

Jerome Le Banner beat Yong Soo Park by KO after about 40 seconds. The Korean Tae Kwon Do champion showed some kicks, but was over powered and got KO`ed by aquick right.

Glaube Feitosa beat Chalid "Die Faust" by decision.

"Die Faust" caught another knee in the 3rd round but finished better than Feitosa, who got a bit tired. A very good fight. Feitosa gets the decision.

2nd round is much closer, but "Die Faust" is the shortest man in the tournament and exposed to knees.

"Die Faust" went down from a knee, but is back up. He also had to take count after a punch, but made it to the second round. Despite taking 2 counts, he looks ok and fought hard at the end of round 1.

Remy Bonjasky VS Stefan"Blitz" Leko by TKO, knee again. Blitz took a count and looked ready to continue, a bad ref decision in my mind... Only 17 seconds left of round one. Up until the knee both fighters had thrown lots of punches and kicks. A very good fight that the ref stopped too early.

Semmy Schilt beat Paul Slowinski by TKO knee in the face in the 2:10 into the first round

Badr Hari beat Doug Viney by KO. Hits him with a right in the 2nd round. Very impressive victory.


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