Shooto - Back To Our Roots 5

Saturday 22 September 2007

For those of you that want to go out and watch MMA live, Shooto is putting on a good card at the Korakuen Hall.

The Main Event is Mamoru aginst Urushitani, these are world class fighters and this will be a good fight. Also fighting today is Rumina. I also want to mention Murofushi, who I belive will be one of the next shooto stars.

The card:
Mamoru Yamaguchi 18-3-3 VS. 13-3-4 Yasuhiro Urushitani
Kenji Osawa 12-6-1 VS. 7-2-2 Daniel Lima
Rumina Sato 24-10-2 VS. 11-7-2 Hideki Kadowaki
Atsushi Yamamoto 10-4-1 VS. 5-3-3 Tetsu Suzuki
Jin Akimoto 10-10-2 VS. 7-2-1 Setsu Iguchi
Atsushi Takeuchi 4-2-2 VS. 3-0-1 Shinya Murofushi
Eiji Murayama 3-4-2 VS. 3-1-3 Sakae Kasuya
Hiromasa Ougikubo 2-0-1 VS. 0-1-2 Kazuya Tamura
Akihiro Yamazaki 7-2-3 VS. 1-0-0 Daisuke Okumiya


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