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Wednesday 26 September 2007

The latest Sherdog rankings are out. Have to mention that I feel Sergei Kharitonov has been left out after his win earlier this month. Also worth a mention, I think is JZ that after winning the HERO`s tournament should have moved at least one spot up.

Anyway, the fighters most likely to fight in Japan:

7. (7) Denis Kang Signed with HERO’s, likely to fight in HERO’s in Korea Oct. 28

8. (8) Shinya Aoki Shooto champ, no fight set up currently. Free agent, will he take up JZ’s Challenge?

1. (1)Takanori Gomi Previous Pride champ, currently free agent. No fights set up. JZ also extended a challenge to Gomi. My guess is that he will sign with HERO’s
3. (8) Gesias "JZ" Calvancanti moved up in the rankings after winning the Hero’S tournament
4. (3)Tatsuya Kawajiri Shooto wrestler, future uncertain. Rumored to return to the ring Nov. 8 on the Shooto card
5. (4) Vitor "Shaolin" Ribeiro HEROs fighter, lost to JZ in the September tournament.

7. (6) Mitsuhiro Ishida Privous Pride fighter, future uncertain. My guess is that he will return to his roots in Shooto
8. Joachim Hansen Currently under Pride contract. Will be a free agent Dec. 31, stated recently that Hero`s would be an option.

1. (1) Akitoshi Tamura Shooto fighter
3. (3) "Lion" Takeshi Inoue Shooto fighter, no fight set. Possible for November 8
4. (4) Antonio Carvalho I am guessing he will be on the November 8 Shooto card.
5. (5) Hatsu Hioki Shooto fighter, Confirmed for Shooto Gig Central Vol.13 in Nagoya against Kim Hyon Man
7. (7) Masakazu Imanari Deep champion, due to appear in DEEP Impact 32 October 9 against Hiroyuki Abe
8. (8) Yoshiro Maeda Pancrase fighter. No fights set
9. (9) Bao Quach
10. (10) Tenki Fujimiya

1. (1) Akitoshi Hokazono Shooto Champion who very rarely fights. No fights set
3. (3) Koetsu Okazaki Shooto Fighter, no fights set
4. (5)Atsushi Yamamoto Shooto fighter
5. (6)Ryota Matsune Shooto fighter, currently injured
6. Daniel Lima Shooto fighter, beat Kenji Osawa in September. My guess is that he will get a big fight in November
7. (4)Kenji Osawa Shooto fighter. Lost to Daniel Lima in September.
8. (7)Takeya Mizugaki
-. (10)Masakatsu Ueda Shooto fighter, falls out of the top 10

1. (1) Shinichi "BJ" Kojima Shooto Champion, next fight not set
2. (3)Yasuhiro Urushitani Shooto fighter, won against Yamaguchi September 22
3. (2) Mamoru Yamaguchi Shooto fighter, Lost against Urushitani September 22
4. (4) Masaaki Sugawara
5. (5) Yusei Shimokawa


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