Sunday 13 April 2008

Better late than never... Been so busy the last few weeks that I forgot that HEAT 6 was on in Nagoya.

At least I did remeber to post
the card and the picutres of the ring-girls a while back. Anyway, the results.

Kick-Rule: Tatsufumi Tomihira Def. Ii Yo Sep(イ・ヨセプ) by KO Round 2 0:19
MMA-Rule: Ryuta Noji Def. Ho Min Sok (ホ・ミンソク) by TKO Round 2 0:01
MMA-Rule: Kazuhisa Tazawa Def. Ii San Su (イ・サンス) by arm-bar Round 1 1:49
MMA-Rule: Gil Freitas Def. Masataka Chinushi by knee-bar Round 1 4:47
Kick-Rule (MT): Jotaro Usui Def. Jyunichi Maruyama by decision 3-0
MMA-Rule (WT): Max Fernandes Def. Naoki Kimura by knee-bar
Kick-Rule (MT): Fabikat RS Promotion Def. Danilo Zanolini by TKO Round 3 3:00
MMA-Rule (WT): Imu Hyon Gyu Def. Masu “Bucchi” Hiro by TKO round 1 3:47
Kick-Rule (MT Reserve fight): King Kohei Def. Shunsuke Oishi by decision 2-1

New-Age Fights:
MMA-Rule: Yasutomo Katsuki Def. Daiki Suzuki by result 3-0
Kick-Rule: Hiroaki Suzuki Def. Gaku Sakai by TKO

(MT)=Middleweight Tournament
(WT)=Welterweight Tournament


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