Random Bits 4/16

Wednesday 16 April 2008

There hasn't been too much happening lately, but some small things. Some news are a few days old, but I haven't mentioned them yet.

-This week it was announced that K-1 is losing one of its biggest stars, litterally... Hong Man Choi is entering the Korean millitary service. He is expected to finish serving his country in 2010. Guess we will have to see if there is something left to save of his career by that point.
Especially considering what He'll be doing there...

-Last week Shooto promoted 5 fighters to Class-A level. All these fighters have proven themselves worthy and I have hight expectations of Ogikubo.

Hiromasa Ogikubo 4-0-1
Hiroshi Nakamura 5-3-3
Shinji Sasaki 6-1-0
Junya Kudo 6-0-2
Taisuke Okuno 4-1-1

-In an interview on the DREAM web-page, Aoki is saying he will fight on April 29, but not May 11. Suki MMA has translated the whole interview.

I am sure he would change his mind, but I kind of see his point. He has to fight one of the world's best fighters and then recover to do it again in less than 2 weeks. I think the winner of the fight between Aoki and JZ will be severely disadvantaged in round 2. You could also say that the fact that Uno got a "free" spot in the 2nd round makes it a bit worse... Aoki vs. JZ could have been a 2nd round fight,but FEG should have made a decision in this fight, either JZ is disqualified or Aoki could not continue (JZ win).



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