4/5 Cage Force 06 - The Card is Final

Friday 4 April 2008

After a lot of changes, the Cage Force card is now final. All the fighters made weight today. The bad news is that they were unable to find an opponent for Antonio Carvalho. Should still be a very good event though.

Still, lots of fights to look forward to. Personally, I really look forward to seing James Doolan and Paul McVeigh, who has made the trip over from Europe. They are also the only non-Japanese on the card now. Just so its said, Paul McVeigh is fighting 39 year old Masahiro Oishi who's nickname is Jackal! Just thought Fightlinker fans would like to know that. I am a Fightlinker fan, but for this one I am cheering for Paul McVeigh.

Of course, we can't forget about the title fight personally, I think Hirota will take it.

Ryota is a bit of an unknown and I really look forward to see what he can do in this tournament. Other fighters to look for: Tetsuya Suzuki, Yoshihiro Koyama and Wataru Miki. Just to mention a few.

Also just to mention it, Nobuhiro Tsurumaki is 0-9 this is his chance to improve on his record or will it be an even 10.

The fight order:

Lightweight Title fight:
12. Tomonari Kanomata 11-2-3 vs. 8-2-0 Mizuto Hirota

Bantamweight Tournament Fights:
11. Masahiro Oishi 17-9-7 vs. 12-4-0 Paul McVeigh
10. Ryota Uozomi 2-0-0 vs. 8-6-0 Taiyo Nakahara

Non-Tournament Fights:
9. Lightweight: Wataru Miki 12-7-2 vs. 9-2-1 Yoshihiro Koyama
8. Bantamweight: Naoya Uematsu 14-7-2 vs. 6-1-0 James Doolan
7. Bantamweight: Daichi Fujiwara 6-1-1 vs. 6-5-3 Tetsuya Suzuki
6. Bantamweight: Yuta Nezu 4-1-0 vs. Tomoaki Ueyama
5. 86 kg: Keitaro Maeda 1-3-1 vs. 0-9-0Nobuhiro Tsurumaki

Preliminary fights:
4. Welterweight: Yasutaka Shimizu vs. Kenji Ikeda
3. Featherweight: Tomoyuki Miyaji 2-0-0 vs. Nobutaka Hiyoshi
2. Lightweight: Junichi Ota vs. Naoto Miyazaki
1. Middleweight: Nakamura 4-4-0 vs. 0-0-1 Shuji Morikawa


Fighters Only Mag Editor 5 April 2008 at 14:23  

Check out our video interview with Paul McVeigh :)


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