4/13 K-1 World GP -***SPOILER*** Play-by-Play

Sunday 13 April 2008

I will do a play-by-play of the K-1 event this afternoon. I will be watching it live on TV and if you are in Japan you can watch it live on SkyPerfect channel 721.

If you are planning to watch a delayed broadcast, STOP READING!

The broadcast has started. I am very excited about this event. One fight makes this very special, the return of Mark Hunt 5 years after his last fight. Can he take down Semmy Schilt?

K-1 Super Heavyweight Title Match : K-1 Rules / 3Min. 3R
Semmy Schilt Def. Mark Hunt by KO round 1
Time for the main event and Mark Hunts return to K-1!!!! Both figthers look very focused in front of this fight.
Fighters making their way to the ring now. The champion on his way now.

Going through formalities, anthems and presentations before the fight starts.

Round 1: Its on. Both fighters with leg-kicks. Hunt with an overhand that gets the crowd going. No damage done though. Schilt with a knee that puches Hunt back. This is a close one so far. Hunt is hitting with some punches, Schilt with a few kicks. Hunt is KOed by a kick to the body. I thought it looked like Hunt could get up, but he was unable to continue and the fight is over.

Ewerton Teixeira Def. Yusuke Fujimoto by KO
Fujimoto making his way to the ring. Ewerton Teixeira on his way to the ring now.
Extra round 2: Last round. This time Fujimoto is backing up less. both fighters hit with some punches and Ewerton has a good high-kick that looks like it hurt Fujimoto a little. Fujimoto goes down from a left hook. He is looking rocked and goes down again. A straight right sends Fujimoto down again. The fight is over.
Extra round 1: Fujimoto tries to keep more distance and Ewerton is chasing. Not much hitting now... Ewerton closes in and a few punches hit the target. A strong punch to the body from Fujimoto, but he hasnt hit with much so far this round. Fujimoto more agressive now, but I think it will be too late. Ewerton won this round in my eyes. On ethe replay I see that Fujimoto hit with more than I remembered, but lets see. Another draw
Round 3: Both fighter come out punching. A bt of holding now, both fighters are getting tired. Fujimoto looks like he is the more tired. But They are still exchanging punches and kicks as the bell sounds. It will be a very close decision, I feel Ewerton should win this, but I am guessing we will see one more round, and we will. DRAW.
Round 2: Ewerton is hurting Fujimoto with leg-kicks. Fujimoto comes back with some good punches. A close round, but looks like Fujimoto is feeling it more then Ewerton.
Round 1: Both fighters trying kicks in the start of round. A leg-kick hurts Ewerton. Ewerton hurts Fujimoto, but Fujimoto comes back with punches. Time in round 1 runs out, with no fighter having a big advantage. Very close round.

Musashi Def. Junichi Sawayashiki by KO
Time for the Japanese battle
Round 2: Both fighter are still fresh and Musashi is looking better in the start of round 2. Sawayashiki goes down from a high-kick. He gets back up. Musashi in coutrol now. An uppercut sends Sawayashiki down again. Sawayashiki goes down a third time and the fight is over. Musashi was dominating the second round. A very good fight.
Round 1: Musashi tries a high-kick, Sawayashiki with leg-kick in the start of round 1. Sawayshiki looks like he is in control, but no fighter is really damaged yet. Sawayashiki getting the best of most exchanges. He got the round in my opinion.

Badr Hari Def. Ray Sefo by TKO Round 1
Time for the second biggest fight of the night in my eyes. Badr Hari entering the ring now. Ray Sefo enters the ring now. The stare down ends in laughs from both fighters.
Round 1: These guys go straight for action. Ray Sefo goes down after punches and knees. He gets back up. Hari is DOMINATING. A straight right send Sefo down again. Hari is T'ing off and the ref steps in to save Sefo. TKO win to Hari in round 1.

Glaube Feitosa Def. Alex Roberts by KO Round 2
Alex Roberts gets his K-1 debut. He is a ver experienced kick-boxer and he has been fighting in Shoot Boxing in Japan where he is ranked 1 (thats #1 contender) heavyweight.
Round 2: Feitose scores with an uppercut and gets one in return. Roberts seems to be taking more damage. uppercuts and kicks to the body has left Roberts very bloody. A high-kick KO's Roberts and the medics storm the ring. KO win to Feitosa.
Round 1: Feitosa scoring more in the opening. Roberts tries to set up for knees, but is not successful. Feitosa scores with some punches. Roberts hits with some knees to the body. A very good first round, Feitosa gets it tough. He was more active and hit with some good kicks to the body in addition to some punches.

Keihiro Maeda Def. Mighty Mo by decision 3-0
I have high expectations for this fight. Maeda is a young and very good fighter, this will be interesting.
Extra Round 1: Mighty Mo is complaining of a low blow, to be honest I think he is hurting from leg-kicks. Then Maeda hits with a low blow, this one there was no doubt about... Mighty Mo is up and the fight can continue. Mighty Mo seems to have gotten his breath back somewhat now. Treis some kicks of his own. Maeda is back to holding. Maeda hits with a leg-kick and Mighty Mo is bleeding from his left leg now. with seconds left Mighty Mo goes down from a leg kick, there is no count and time in the round is up. Decision time again. Maeda gets it 3-0
Decision time. DRAW
Round 3: Maeda hits with a few good leg-kick right after the bell. Then he is back to circling... After the last fight, this is disapointing... Maeda is looking more comfortable now and tries some leg-kicks. Mighty Mo is hurting. Maeda has gotten this fight to go his way, very good tactics. The time runs out in the third round.
Round 2: Continues with Maeda circling and Mighty Mo waiting in the middle. Maeda running away from his opponent now, Bobby Olongun style... Maeda continues to keep distance or hold. Mighty Mo looks like he is getting a little frustrated as the round runs out.
Round 1: Maeda is circling, clearly scared of Mighty Mo's punches.He tries to kick and keep his distance, but not good at keeping his balance. A question of time before Mighty Mo hits with one of them... Round runs out without much happening, a difficult round to score.

Mitsugu Noda vs. Petr Vondracek by KO round 2 2:35 (about)
Round 2: this is turning into a slugging battle. Noda looks to hit more, but its back and forth. Its a question of time before the ref steps in. Petr takes count again. He recovers and hits Noda with some very good punches. How long can these guys keep standing? Peter doesn't go down, but Noda gets the win by KO (I have no idea how Petr Vondracek kept on his feet...) with 25 seconds left in Round 2.
Round 1: Noda slightly more aggressive as the fighters are feeling eachother out. Petr hits with a few good punches and is very aggressive now. Noda hits with some good punches after setting it up with a high-kick, Petr has to take count. Noda in control now, but time runs out.

Aleksandr Pichkunov Def. Chalid “Die Faust” by decision after 2 extentions 2-1 Computer problems kept me off for a bit but I am back
Decision 2-1 to Pichkunov
Ext. Round 2: This fight is VERY close, the fighters are looking tired and continue the way the fought in the previous round.
Ext. Round 1: Continues like Round 2. "Die Faust" mostly punching, Puchkunov trying with knees and leg kicks. A very close round and judges score it a draw.
Judges score it a DRAW
Round 2: "Die Faust" punching, Pichkunov is mixing kick and knees
Round 1: Fighters are exchaning leg-kicks. "Die Faust" looks better with his hands and has a few good punches that hits the target. Round to "Die Faust".

Hiroyuki Enokida Def. Takashi Tachikawa by KO
First up is Tachikawa against Enokida. Tachikawa is a former pro baseball player who won his debut on NYE basically by leg-kicks. Lets see how he does this time.
Round 1: Enokida is knocked down twice in 20 sec. Then he KOs Tachikawa!!! fight is over in under 1 minute.

Remaining fights:
Opening Fights: Not included in the braodcast
Tsuyoshi Nakasako vs. Takumi Sato
Kyoung Suk Kim vs. Tsutomu Takahagi


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