4/27 Pancrase - Shining Tour 3

Friday 11 April 2008

Pancrase is continuing their good year. I think the 2 first events this year have been really good, and this event looks good as well.

This time, they dont have any unbeaten fighters on the main card, but lots fighters/fights to get excited about. The main event is awesome, for the lightheavy weight belt. Shoji is the Lightweight champ, Rafiq and Wada will battle for the King of Pancrase welterweight title.

Then some lesser known fighters, Matti Makela is coming to Japan to face "the Pink Typhoon"... In my opinon, Matti should take this. Also look out for Curbanov Djamal on this card. A few of the SK Absolute Russia guys have taken Pancrase by storm lately. Djamal is the latest to attempt this. He has a wealth of experience in Sambo and Combat Sambo, so look for this guy to get a quick win.

They have also added loads of Neo-Blood fights, I like this as its a good chance to see new fighters.

Yuki Kondo 48-20-6 vs. 32-22-9 Keiichiro Yamamiya
Shoji 6-2-0 vs. 16-7-4 Koji Oishi
Bryan Rafiq 5-2-0 vs. 16-8-8 Takuya Wada
Katsuya Inoue 16-5-2 vs. Curbanov Djamal

Yuji Hisamatsu 10-14-4 vs. 9-5-0 Matti Makela
Manabu Inoue 6-3-1 vs. 8-9-2 Masaya “J Taro” Takita
Daisuke Watanabe 17-27-4 vs. 2-2-0 Ryuji Ohori
Yukio Sakaguchi 1-2-0 vs. 5-10-3 Wataru Takahashi

NEO-BLOOD Tournament:
Steven Magdaleno 3-0-1 vs. 1-0-0 Pak Il-Gyu
Hirotoshi Saito vs. 4-1-0 Hayato Shimizu
Tanaka Yasutomo vs. 6-2-1 Motonobu Tezuka
Takuya Kosen 1-0-0 vs. Ryota Sasaki
Toshihiro Shimizu 1-3-2 vs. Kiyotaka Shimizu


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