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Wednesday 9 April 2008

Ok, K-1 is just starting on TV and I will update the results later. But there are a couple of things I want to get off my chest first.

-Dan Hardy has set up his own web-site, hopefully there will be regular updates to this. He is one of my favorite fighters and I hope he is coming back to Japan soon. I have seen small indications on discussion forums, but nothing official yet.

For the latest updates on where he is fighting, make sure to check out his site.

-Samurai Fighting TV will be showing ClubDEEP Tokyo and the MegaTon GP from March 29. The MegaTon GP got a lot of attention and this means it is possible that it will be on YouTube or DailyMotion. For those in Japan, it will be on April 16 at 23.00.

-Don Frye is featuring in Japanese noodle commercials for UFO.
It is also confirmed today that Josh Barnett is fighting "The Predator" in IGF Prowrestingling in Osaka. I am not sure that "The Predator" = Don Frye, but it would not surprise me. I also think this is a sign he is making his way back to Japan. This is excellent news for fans here, Don Frye is always entertaining and very popular over here.
*** UPDATE*** The Predator was definately NOT Don Frye, just so that's corrected...


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