Pancrase Ranking June Update

Sunday 14 June 2009

Pancrase have announced new rankings after their event on June 7. No major changes, but there are a few that are worth mentioning.

Pancrase now has a Flyweight Champion, and Sengoku Champion Satoru Kitaoka enters the ranking on the back of his win on June 7.

Open-Weight (No Change):
10th. Open-Weight King of Pancrase: Josh Barnett

Heavy-weight 93.0kg - 120.2kg (No change):
4th Heavy-weight King of Pancrase: Available

Lightheavy-Weight 83.9kg - 93.0kg (No Change):
4th. Lightheavy-Weight King of Pancrase: Ryo Kawamura
1: Keiichiro Yamamiya

Middle-Weight 77.1kg - 83.9kg (No Change):
7th. Middle-weight King of Pancrase: Izuru Takeuchi
Interim Middle-weight King of Pancrase: Yuki Kondo
1: Takenori Sato
2: Ichiro Kanai

Welter-weight 70.3kg - 77.1kg (No Change):
4th. Welter-weight King of Pancrase: Takuya Wada
1: Tomoyoshi Iwamiya
2: Masahiro Toryu
3: ↑ Hiroyuki Nozawa

-Jason Palacios is taken out of the rankings, and Hiroyuki Nozawa moves up into 3rd.

Light-weight 65.8kg - 70.3kg:
2nd. Light-weight King of Pancrase: Katsuya Inoue
1: Koji Oishi
2: ↑ Satoru Kitaoka
3: Daisuke Hanazawa
4: Hiroki "AB" Aoki
5: Maximo Blanco

-Satoru Kitaoka comes into the rankings at #2 and knocks the former #2, Yukio Sakaguchi, out of the rankings.

Feather-weight 61.2kg - 65.8kg:
1st. Feather-weight King of Pancrase: Marlon Sandro
1: Jameel Massouh
2: Masaya Takita
3: Masanori Kanehara
4: Kenji Arai
5: ↑ Tashiro "Akai" Nishiuchi

-Nishiuchi comes into the rankings after his win in Pancrase Changing Tour 3 (June 7).

Bantam-weight: 58.0kg-61.2kg (No Change):
1st. Bantamweight King of Pancrase: Manabu Inoue
1: Seiya Kawahara

Fly-weight 58.0kg (No Change):
1st. Fly-weight King of Pancrase: ↑ Mitsuhisa Sunabe
1. ↑ Isao Hirose
2. Takuya Eizumi

- Mitsuhira Sunabe defeats Takuya Eizumi to become the first Flyweight King of Pancrase.
- Isao Hirose climbs past Takuya Eizumi after his win over Keiji Nakamura.


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