6/30 DEEP Impact 42 - Results

Tuesday 30 June 2009

As I am writing this the event is going on in Korakuen Hall. It is a very iteresting card, expecially considering the connection DEEP have with DREAM. I think we can expect to see a few of the fighters here on DREAM cards in the near future.

The main event is the DEEP Middleweight title fight between the defending champion Yuichi Nakanishi and the challenger Riki Fukuda.

Also keep an eye on the co-main event here, as DREAM veterans Kazuyuki Miyata and Takeshi Yamazaki square off.

Read on for spoilers! There will be delays in my updates.

1. 58kg: Ryota Uozomi Def. Pat Uncangco by Decision 3-0
2. 62kg: Tomoya Miyashita Def. Hiryu Okamoto by Guillotine Choke Round 1 1:34
3. 83.9kg: Hiroko Def. Kenji Nagai by Decision 3-0
4. 77.1kg: Shigetoshi Iwase Def. 泰舗 "Goten" Okuno by Decision 3-0
5. 77.1kg: ぺ・ミョンホ (?) Def. Yusaku Tsukumo by Decision 3-0
6. 70.3kg: Toshikazu Iseno Def. Kleber Koike by Decision 3-0
7. Open: Koji Kanechika Def. Kazuhisa Tazawa by Decision 3-0
8. 87kg: Young Choi Def. Bernard Ackah by Decision 2-0
9. 83.9kg: Ryuta Sakurai vs. Hiromitsu Kanehara Draw
10. 65.8kg: Kazuyuki Miyata Def. Takeshi Yamazaki by Decision 2-0

Main-Event: DEEP Middleweight Title Fight:
Riki Fukuda Def. Yuichi Nakanishi by Decision 2-1


Anonymous,  30 June 2009 at 17:55  

Fukuda won by split decision according to SportsNavi.

Borre 30 June 2009 at 20:19  

Updated. Was busy and the result of the last fight was somewhat delayed.

Miyata performed a another suplex for the crowd again!

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