6/30 DEEP Impact 42 - Miyata vs. Yamasaki Announced

Saturday 6 June 2009

Saeki and DEEP have announced an awesome match-up for their next DEEP impact event. 2 DREAM veterans will face eachother, this time Miyata will go down to featherweight though. Miyata's opponent is Shooto, DEEP and DREAM veteran Takeshi Yamazaki. Yamazaki is coming off 2 losses, both fighters needs this win to get back onto the main stage of DREAM. Maybe there will be a DEEP title fight for the winner of this one too.

The card is looking very good, and the addition of Miyata vs. Yamazaki will make this a very good event! A total of 14 fights are announced and I think this card should be just about complete now.

In the future fights, Outsider standout Tomoya Kato will make his DEEP debut.

Kazuyuki Miyata 6-7-0 vs. 14-9-2 Takeshi Yamazaki
Toshikazu Iseno 6-5-2 vs. 1-0-0 Kleber Koike
Yusaku Tsukumo 6-3-0 vs. ぺ・ミョンホ (?)
Shigetoshi Iwase 7-11-3 vs. 泰舗 "Goten" Okuno

Future Fights:
Motoki Awaji 0-2-0 vs. 3-0-0 Tomoya Kato
Yasuhiro Yamazaki vs. Yusuke Kadoyama
Tatsumitsu Wada 0-5-0 vs. 3-2-0 Tatsuya Tsuchida

Previously Announced:
DEEP Middleweight Title Fight:
Yuichi Nakanishi 9-8-3 vs. 14-4-0 Riki Fukuda

Ryuta Sakurai 18-15-4 vs. 17-22-1 Hiromitsu Kanehara
Bernard Ackah 2-2-0 vs. 10-5-1 Young Choi
Kazuhisa Tazawa 4-0-1 vs. Jae Young Kim (?)
Hiroko 2-0-1 vs. 5-8-2 Kenji Nagai
Tomoya Miyashita 10-5-5 vs. 3-1-1 Hiryu Okamoto
Ryota Uozomi 3-1-0 vs. Pat Uncangco


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