8/8 Pancrase Changing Tour - 2 Title Fights Announced!

Monday 15 June 2009

Pancrase just issued a new ranking last week, and now its time to shake them up.

This event will be the Neo-Blood tournament finals, but now they have added 2 title fights. Especially in the lightweight division, I am expecting the winner (if its Katsuya) to be in Sengoku shortly, Maximo Blanco will be there either way. Regardless, I am sure Blanco would like to get the belt. Speaking of Sengoku, Katsuya Inoue was the last fighter to defeat Sengoku champion Satoru Inoue in what was a very tactical fight. This will be a very interesting fight, Maximo Blanco seems to be his own enemy and should really have had 2 more wins. His only really loss was a loss on the ground, and Katsuya Inoue is a very different fighter. My pick is for Maximo to take this home, but he has to keep his head cool.

The other title fight announced today is the middleweight King of Pancrase. The champion is the Pancrease super-veteran Izuru Takeuchi, who has been fighting since 1997! His opponent is another veteran, and the Pancrase ranked #1 Takenori Sato.

This events will be awesome with the Neo-Blood tournament finals AND 2 title fights!

Also added as a participant is another big name, Tomonari Kanomata!

Middleweight King of Pancrase:
Izuru Takeuchi (champion) 25-10-6 vs. 9-5-4 Takenori Sato (challenger)

Lightweight King of Pancrase:
Katsuya Inoue (champion) 18-6-4 vs. 2-2-1 (1nc) Maximo Blanco (challenger)

Previously Announced:
Light: Isao Kobayashi 3-0-0 vs. 1-5-0 Hirotaka Tomiyama
Feather: Shigeyuki Uchiyama 6-0-0 vs. 1-0-0 Yo Saito
Bantam: Nobuhiro Yoshitake 2-4-1 vs. 3-2-1 Ryota Sasaki
Fly: Kiyotaka Shimizu 2-1-1 vs. 7-6-1 Yuki Yashima

Yuki Kondo 49-23-6
Tomonari Kanomata 13-4-3


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