8/2 K-1 Asia GP 2009 - RESULTS

Sunday 2 August 2009

K-1 held their Asia GP in Seoul earlier today, a very interesting tournament and lots of home fighters. The winner was not from Korea though, actually there was no Korean fighter in thee final.

Veteran Taiei Kin got to the final by knocking out Chinese Sun Wu in the quarterfinal and a close decision that went through an extention round against fellow Japanese, Takumi Sato.

The Indian Singh "Heart" Jaideep got there by first KOing Park Yong Soo, then demolishing Ko Taisei with hard leg-kicks.

"Heart" pulled out the biggest win of his career, and the 21 year old J-Network champion will be a fighter to look for in the future.

I am also happy to see that M-1 Muay Thai champion, Koichi got the win he has been training very hard for. On the night his counters were too much for Sakashita. A very good result for him!

Main-Event: K-1 Asia GP 2009 Final:
10. Singh "Heart" Jaideep Def. Kin Taiei by Decision 3-0

9. Superfight: Pavel Zuravliov Def. Gokhan Saki by Decision 3-0

K-1 Asia GP 2009 Fights Semi-Finals:
8. SF-2: Singh "Heart" Jaideep Def. Ko Taisei by KO (leg-kick) Round 1 2:45
7. SF-1: Kin Taiei Def. Takumi Sato by decision 2-1 after ext.

6. Superfight: Jae Hee Cheon Def. Kim Tae Han by Decision 3-0

K-1 Asia GP 2009 Fights - Quarter Finals
5. Reserve: KOICHI Def. Yusuke Sakashita by Decision 3-0
4. QF-4: Ko Taisei Def. Min Ho Song by Decision 2-0
3. QF-3: Singh "Heart" Jaideep Def. Park Yong Soo by KO Round 2 1:35
2. QF-2: Takumi Sato Def. Yang Rae Yoo by Decision 3-0 after ext.
1. QF-1: Kin Taiei Def. Sun Wu by TKO Round 3 0:00 (towel thrown)

Opening Fights:
Hyun Man Myung Def. Nae Chul Kim by Decision 3-0
Ik Hwan Chang Def. Joung Hyun Koh by Decision 2-1


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