8/2 Sengoku 9 - LIVE RESULTS

Sunday 2 August 2009

A very good card in Saitama Superarena today, the Sengoku featherweight GP winner will be crowned and I will give you live updates here! My pick is for Sandro to take this, look for him to take Hioki down and stay on top for the win.

This is the best Sengoku card to date, and they look to be going from strength to strength, with signing of exciting talent and developing new stars as well.

There is a lot of talk on Fedor, and where he will fight. My guess is that we will see him in Sengoku next, but time will tell. It makes sence with all the signings they are doing in the heavyweight division, and the plans of a GP.

Quick results on the bottom, under my comments. Spoilers if you read on.

Opening Fights:
Don Quiote Presents Sengoku G Tournament Finals (2x5min.):
1. Bantam: Ryosuke Komori Def. Takeshi Numajiri by KO Round 1 3:25
2. Feather: Shigeki Osawa Def. Harai by TKO Round 1 4:25
3. Light: Ikuo Usuda Def. Koji Ando by Decision 3-0

Main-Card - Non-Tournament:
4. Heavy: Yoshihiro Nakao 7-2-0 vs. 9-3-0 Chu Mu Bae
Round 1:
Nakao takes Mu Bae down, but is not able to capitalize. Then he shows of his dirty skills as he uses the ropes well to defend while Mu Bae has his back. It does not make for exiciting viewing, but the ref. breaks them up. This will be a close round and I think the judges have it a draw.

Round 2:
Nakao takes Mu Bae down at the start but is unable to keep him there. Mu Bae wants to keep this standing, but Nakao has other plans and this time gets sidecontrol He gets in a few punches and Mu Bae's nose is bleeding now. Mu Bae keeps getting up though. While standing Nakao seeks out a corner and keeps turning, making it difficult for Mu Bae and boring for the fans.

Round 3:
Mu Bae is tiring from all the takedowns, but Nakao is unable to do much damage from the top. With 2 miinutes left Mu Bae is flat on his back with Nakao in side control. Nakao is threatening with an arm-lock, but Mu Bae works his way out again.

Nakao gets the decision 3-0
Nakao got to show of his dirty tricks, but Mu Bae never got to show his chin...

Featherweight GP:
5. Semi-final 1: Hatsu Hioki 19-3-2 vs. 13-5-5 Masanori Kanehara
Roound 1:
Hioki works hard for the takedown early, once he gets it he quickly takes mount. Some awesome gnp, and the fight explodes with some of the best grappling you will see. Hioki being agressive, but Kanehara defends well. The round ends with Hioki in mount annd he gets round 1!

Round 2:
Hioki gets the takedown again, this time in the corner and he gets some knees in from side control. Hioki gets mount again, and the ref pulls them out of the conrner. Hioki looks in control in mount, but Kanehara gets him back in guard. Hioki deceides to stand up, but is hit by an upkick that could have sealed the upset. Hioki is dased, but is able to shoot for another takedown. He gets Kanehara's back, and it looks like he has the hooks in, but Kanehara is able to fight it off.

Round 2 also to Hioki.

Round 3:
Kanehara is the stronger standing, eventually Hioki goes for the takedown and is close to sealing it with a guillotine choke. At this point they are slippery though, and Kanehara ends up on top for the first time in the fight. He is unable to get out of Hiokis guard, but should have won round 3.

An awesome fight to start the featherweight GP!!
Hioki gets the decision 3-0 (30-27, 29-27,29-27)

6. Semi-final 2: Michihiro Omigawa 6-7-1 vs. 14-0-0 Marlon Sandro
Omigawa will try to maintain his awesome run against tournament favorite and undefeated Sandro.

Round 1:
Sandro is dangerous on the feet, Omigawa tries for a takedown, but Saandro shakes it off. Sandro attempts a knee that lets Omigawa try another takedown. It is not sucessful and the ref breaks it up. Omigawa hits with a left that hurt Sandro, he gets double underhooks, but Sandro is still able to keep standing. Round 1 to Sandro.

Round 2:
Sandro is close to getting the win with a guillotine choke in the dying seconds, but the bell rings and he should have the 2nd round in the bag too.

Round 3:
For the first time in the fight Sandro goes for a takedown, Omigawa defends well. Omigawa continues to work for takedowns, but Sandro controls until the last few seconds. Omigawa finally gets it, but does no damage before the bell rings. Sandro should have this, but it was not easy.

Both the fighters in the final had to go the distance. It will be interesting to see who has the

The decision: 30-29 Sandro, 30-30 Draw (choses Omigawa), 30-30 Draw (choses Omigawa) This is UNBELIEVABLE! 2 judges have this a draw, they have to chose a winner and both the Japanese judges, chose the Japanese fighter. Sherdog has ALL rounds to Sandro, and I have to say that I agree...

7. Reserve: Chan Sung Jung 6-1-0 vs. 11-5-0 Matt Jaggers
Round 1:
Jung comes out swinging it goes to the ground and Jaggers is warned for stalling. They stand out and Jung moves forward throwing bombs. Jaggers shoots and gets the takedown. This time he is on top, but again it looks like they might have to stand up. They dont stand up, but nothing happens. A very close round, probably a draw.

I still cant belive the decision in the last fight....

Round 2:
Jaggers gets on top again, but looks like he is unable to do much. Jung works his guard and moves his hips out. He sinks in the triangle and forces the tap Roundd 2 1:25.

8. Light: Eiji Mitsuoka 15-6-2 vs. 17-5-0 Clay French
Round 1:
Mitsuoka gets the fight to the ground quickly, he has been training a bit with the guys at Lotus Paraestra and Yoshida Dojo before this fight, and I am hoping to see some awesome grappling from him. French works his way back to his feet and has to eat a knee on the way. Mitsuoka sinks in a guillotine, and French goes back to the ground, he is forced to tap at 1:51.

9. Welter: Akihiro Gono 29-14-7 vs. 17-2-0 Dan Hornbuckle
Round 1:
Gono enters the ring in a suit, very conservative to be him. Gono returns to Japan after 2 years and 7 months.

Hornbuckle has a reach advantage, and Gono is trying to figure out how to work around it. Hornbuckle uses the Thai clinch and Gono has to take a lot of knees to the body. It goes to the ground with Hornbuckle attempting a stomp on the way there, Gono has guard. Hornbuckle stands up and the round ends standing. Hornbuckle got round 1.

Round 2:
Gono continues to struggle with Hornbuckle's reach, but looks to gain comfidence. Hornbuckle backing up more now. Gono closes the distance and Hornbukle takes it to the ground, trying to pass Gono's guard. Hornbukle moves to mount with very good help from his corner. End of round 2, Hornbuckle still in mount. This round also to the American.

Round 3:
Gono comes out agressive, looks more comfident and moving like he usually does. Gono tries a bodykick, and Hornbuckle grabs in, throwing a high-kick in return. It hits the sweetspot, and Gono is laid out straight. No need to follow up that. The Japanese commentators are a bit worried about Gonos condition, especially since his neck lands on the bottom rope.

Gono is carried out on a strecher I have not seen him move, he has opened his eyes and spoken to the medical staff.

15 minutes break, will they announce Satoshi Ishii's first opponent?

Hioki is out of the final!!! Kanehara takes his spot!! I think it is a leg injury, but not sure I heard that right.

An all star Judo meeting is called, in the ring are:
Hiroshi Izumi - Debuts 9/23!!!
Makoto Takimoto - Fights 9/23
Satoshi Ishii - Will fight in Sengoku, no date set.
Hidehiko Yoshida - Will continue fighting, no date set.

Boxing champion Daisuke Naito enters the ring, without saying much. Will he be fighting in Sengoku, or is he talking about boxing?? He says no fight is deceided yet, but please cheer for me when it is.

10. Heavy: Blagoy Alexandre Ivanov vs. 15-7-0 Kazuyuki Fujita
Ivanov is in the ring for his MMA debut!
Round 1:
The fighters are feeling eachother out before unloading. Some wild punches and Fujita looks to have his iron head back!! Fujita takes Ivanov down and is in half guard. Fujita is not wearing shoes for this fight, but was not able to get his last foot out. Ivanov gets back up and they continue to swing as the bell rings. Round is very close in my book.

Round 2:
They come out swinging again, Fujita showes experience as he takes Ivanov down but he is unable to keep it there. The ref stands them up. Fujita moving forward now and Ivanov looks like his guard is dropping. Ivanov is exhausted!
Pace has slowed and Fujita is taking control now. Ivanov is fighting back with his back to the ropes. The bell rings and I would give this to Fujita.

Round 3:
Fujita is going for a double leg, but Ivanov is heavy. The ref breaks it up, and Fujita needs a doctor check on a cut on his forehead. Ivanov looks like he has caught his breath again, but both these guys are tired. Fujita desperately trying to get it to the ground again. And he does, again he has side control. Fujita tries an arm-triangle, but it doesn't stick. The bell rings, Fujita still in side control, and I think he should get this decision. It is close though, and his iron head saved him in this fight.

1-1-1 (gives it to Ivanov!) Ivanov gets a decision that is as close as it gets!

Non-Tournament - Middleweight next title Challenger
(If Nakamura wins):

11. Kazuo Misaki 21-9-2 vs. 13-9-0 Kazuhiro Nakamura
Misaki's legal problems are displayed, and he will not get a title shot if he wins this. I am not a fan of Misaki, but think legal issues should be handled by the legal system. Japan does not work like that though and he will also be punished by his employer.

Round 1:
Misaki looks energetic and looks good on his feet. Nakamura sends a low kick that can be heard echoing in Saitama SA. Misaki is ok. Misaki is using his reach well, throwing jabs and keeping Nakamura at a distance. Again there is a low blow, but Misaki is ok. Misaki's knee hits the spot and Nakamura goes down, misaki follows. When Nakamura tries to get up Misaki sinks in the guillotine choke. Nakamura does not tap and goes to sleep. Misaki is obviously not happy about being punished by Sengoku, and does not take the mic when offered (and expected to).

Co-Main Event - Featherweight GP (3x5min):
12.Final: Masanori Kanehara vs. Michihiro Omigawa
The featherweight tournament has turned out to be full of surprises, and the final is between 2 fighters that (IMO) lost their semi-finals... Of course, Kanehara is there because of an injury to Hioki. Omigawa arguably due a very controversial decision.

Round 1:
Kanehara quicckly works his way to Omigawa's back, Omigawa standing. Omigawa is defending well and Kanehara is unable to do anything but punch. Of course trying to get the hooks in. Ironically, the ref shouting for action.. Omigawa breaks the bodylock and tries to throw Kanehara off his back. They end up on the ground, Kanahara still in a dominant positino. Omigawa gets guard, Kanehara is still be more aggressive though. As the time runs out, Omigawa has an arm-bar on Kanehara that looks dangerous, but the bell rings. Round should go to Kanehara.

Round 2:
Omigawa comes out swinging, but Kanehara returns fire and comes out on top. Omigawa tries for a takedown. Somehow Kanehara works his way to sidecontrol, and is dropping knees. Omigawa gets guard back, but Kanehara works hard and gets mount. Omigawa is strong and gets him back to half guard. No real damage done, but Kanehara has been the better fighter here too.

Round 3:
Again Omigawa comes out with wild punches, Kanehara eventually gets control and returns fire. Omigawa is on top now and has a guillotine choke that looks tight. Kanehara escapes, but is still on the bottom, with Omigawa in his half guard. He escapes and they standup. Kanehara is better standing, and gets in a good bodypunch. Omigawa takes it down again, Kanehara has half guard, but its soon Omigawa in sidecontrol. Omigawa is all over Kanehara now. Knees on the ground mounted GNP, guillotine attempts, on his back. But Kanehara escapes. Round 3 is for Omigawa.

I would give it to Kanehara, but I am guessing these judges sees it for Omigawa...

29-28 Kanehara, 29-29 (must decision to Omigawa), 29-28 Kanehara
Kanehara gets the decision!!! 2-0-1

UPDATE from Sherdog: Akihiro Gono is in the hospital with a concussion and neck injury, but he is doing well.

Main Event - Lightweight Title Fight (5x5min):
13. Satoru Kitaoka 24-8-9 vs. 11-3-1 Mizuto Hirota
The main-event and a awesome matchup. Both these guys could finish it in seconds. It it goes into 2nd round, it is advantage Hirota.

Round 1:
Kitaoka gets the takedown immediately, but Hirota is able to get up. Kitaoka gets it back down and this is not where Hirota wants to be. They are also in Kitaokas conrner. Kitaoka looks like he will rip Hirota's head off in a guillotine attempt. Kitaoka is not looking to keep this standing and shoots in as soon as he sees an opening. Hirota defended the 1st one, after that its been all Kitaoka. Another guillotine choke and I thought Hirota was out. Again he fights his way out and a right hurts Kitaoka as he is careless when he shoots in. The fight has turned completely! Hirota taking Kitaoka down now.
Round should go to Kitaoka, but a very strong finish by Hirota.

Round 2:
Both fighters careful with the distance here. Kitaoka tries a takedown, but Hirota catches him. They exchange and Hirota goes for the take down. He is not able to complete it, and they continue standing. Kitaoka has not gone for too many takedowns in this round, but Hirota takes him down and stands back up. Kitaoka is throwing wild punches, but nothing is close to the target. With seconds left Kitaoka tries another takedown, but the bell rings. This round is most likely a draw or a close one for Hirota.

Round 3:
*Remeber: this is 5 rounds*
Kitaoka spends a lot of energy on a takedown attempt and makes it stick. Hirota has half-guard. Hirota gets in back into his butterfly guard. Kitaoka remembers that he can go for leg-locks, but Hirota defends well. Kitaoka does not look like his old self, and the ref stands them up. Hirota controls it on the feet, and so far Kitaoka has not looked too dangerous on the ground... This is looking a bit like Kitaokas fight with Katsuya Inoue... The round for Hirota.

Round 4:
The question is, who is more tired? Round 4!
Hirota defends the takedown attempts well in the start of this round, but Kitaoka is really going for them now. The fight goes to the ground, Hirota in Kitaoka's guard. Hirotas GNP is dangerous and Kitaoka stands up! The challenger has hurt him wit knees on the ground. Hirota is teeing off, and Kitaoka tries a desperate takedown. Hirota sprawls and knees to the head of the champion, the ref steps in to save the champion!!

Mizuto Hirota is the new Sengoku Champion!!!!

Quick results:
Main Event - Lightweight Title Fight (5x5min):
13. Mizuto Hirota Def. Satoru Kitaoka by TKO Round 4 2:50

Co-Main Event - Featherweight GP (3x5min):
12.Final: Masanori Kanehara Def. Michihiro Omigawa by Decision 2-0-1 (must decision for Omigawa)

11. Middle: Kazuo Misaki Def. Kazuhiro Nakamura by guillotine choke Round 1

10. Heavy: Blagoy Alexandre Ivanov Def. Kazuyuki Fujita by Decision 1-1-1 (gives it to Ivanov)
9. Welter: Dan Hornbuckle Def. Akihiro Gono by KO Round 3 2:50
8. Light: Eiji Mitsuoka Def. Clay French by guillotine choke Round 1 1:51

Featherweight GP:
7. Reserve: Chan Sung Jung Def. Matt Jaggers by triangle choke Round 2 1:25
6. Semi-final 2: Michihiro Omigawa Def. Marlon Sandro by Decision 0-1-2 (Pick Omigawa as winner)
5. Semi-final 1: Hatsu Hioki Def. Masanori Kanehara by Decision 3-0

4. Heavy: Yoshihiro Nakao Def. Chu Mu Bae by Decision 3-0

Opening Fights:
Don Quiote Presents Sengoku G Tournament Finals (2x5min.):
3. Light: Ikuo Usuda Def. Koji Ando by Decision 3-0
2. Feather: Shigeki Osawa Def. Harai by TKO Round 1 4:25
1. Bantam: Ryosuke Komori Def. Takeshi Numajiri by KO Round 1 3:25


Anonymous,  2 August 2009 at 11:15  

Hello, i'm from Brazil!
Thanks for this pbp!

Borre 2 August 2009 at 11:29  

Sandro walking in now. Looks very focused.

Anonymous,  2 August 2009 at 12:17  

Omigawa def. Sandro.. ¬¬

Anonymous,  2 August 2009 at 12:55  

sucks for gono, I guess thats what you get for poor stand-up

Borre 2 August 2009 at 13:02  

Gono was not able to work out a distance. It looked like he had in the 3rd, but I guess he was too comfident there. I hope he is ok!

Anonymous,  2 August 2009 at 15:43  

I'm go now! Thanks for this, man!
Bye from Brazil! :)

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