9/4 Shooto Kitazawa Shooto 2009 Vol. 1 - Fight Order

Monday 17 August 2009

Shooto have announced the fight order for their next event in Kitazawa Town Hall on September 4.

The main-event will be a Class A fight between KZ Factory's Hiroyuki Abe and Hiroaki Yoshioka. Yoshioka has fought some good fighters, but does only have 2 wins in his last 10 fights and Abe will be another tough opponent.

Hiroharu Matsufuji had a bad start to his career, losing his first 4 fights. That has turned and he has won his last 3. He will be taking on Toshimichi Akagi who has not had a win in his last 4 fights.

Returning to professional Shooto on this card will be the soon to be 40 year old Hiroki Kita. He will be taking on the 9 year younger Yasuhiro Kanayama.

Fly: Hiroyuki Abe 5-1-0 vs. 5-9-2 Hiroaki Yoshioka
Bantam: Toshimichi Akagi 5-4-3 vs. 3-4-0 Hiroharu Matsufuji
Welter: Shin Kochiwa 5-1-2 vs. 2-5-0 Junpei Chikano
Welter: Shinobu Miura 2-4-4 vs. 0-1-1 Koji Nishioka
Light: Yasuhiro Kanayama 3-5-3 vs. 2-5-1 Hiroki Kita
Bantam: Masumi Tozawa 0-2-3 vs. 0-2-1 Yuya Kaneuchi
Bantam: Akinobu Watanabe 0-0-1 vs. 1-0-0 Keiji Koizumi
Feather: Keita Ishibashi vs. Isao Yoshida


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