8/30 DEEP Osaka Impact - RESULTS

Sunday 30 August 2009

DEEP Osaka Impact was earlier today, the main event saw the very experienced DREAM, WEC and Pride veteran, Yoshiro Maeda take on the very talented Kleber Koike. The fight ended early when Maeda caught a kick to the family jewels and was unable to continue. Koike was disqualified.

Korean "RYO" has now gone 4 straight fights without a loss and should be happy with the way 2009 has gone so far. A deceisive win for the fighter that normally goes the distance.

"Goodman" Tanaka was had just a second left of the round when he got caught in an arm-bar.

15. Yoshiro Maeda Def. Kleber Koike by DQ Round 1 4:00
14. Young "RYO" Choi Def. Yuya Aikawa by TKO Round 2 1:32
13. Yusaku Tsukumo Def. Yoshiyume Chodo by Guillotine Choke Round 2 2:49
12. Teruhiko Kubo Def. Hiroki "Goodman" Tanaka by arm-bar Round 1 4:59
11. Next Level: Nakagawa Ω 自演乙 Ω Koki vs. Mitsuru Kondo DRAW
10. Next Level: Kyohei Hayashi Def. Masahiro Tobino by decision 3-0
9. Koji Nakamura Def. Zenta Yamasaki by TKO Round 2 3:34
8. Hiroto vs. Yuki Kamishima DRAW
7. Makoto Kamatani Def. Nobuhiro "Punch" Yamauchi by Decision 3-0
6. Koji Tomita Def. Munetomi Suzuki by arm-lock Round 1 1:23

No results yet:

Opening Fights:
5. Sho Nonaka vs. Kohei Fujiwara
4. Kazuya Ukuda vs. Muneo Hatomune

Next Level:
3.Ren Takeno vs. Yuya Shibata
2.Shigeru Yoshino vs. Takumi Akita
1. Shinpei Hayashi vs. Tatsuya Tuda


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