9/23 Sengoku 10 - The Fresh King of Pancrase fighting

Wednesday 12 August 2009

The newly crowned King of Pancrase has been added to the upcoming Sengoku card, Maximo Blanco have always been a very talented fighter his problem has been containing his enthusiasm. This time he will take on the very talented Tetsuya Yamada, who was very impressive in his loss in the featherweight GP. He is still very young, and weight gain is natural he will move up to lightweight and his first fight will be a tough one.

There are also 3 opening fights added, these are the winners of the Sengoku G tournamnets in Japan and Korea taking eachother on.

This looks to be another very interesting event from Sengoku, to be held in Saitama Community Arena. They seemed to have settled on a format of very talented fighter forming the opening fights, and I think it is a very good way of giving these young fighters invaluable experience.

Maximo Blanco 3-2-1 vs. 3-1-0 Tetsuya Yamada
Kazunori Yokota 9-2-3 vs. 20-11-1 Ryan Schultz

Opening fights:
Light: Ikuo Usuda 5-0-0 vs. 1-0-0 Baek Woo Hyun
Feather: Shigeki Osawa 3-0-0 vs. Kim Ki Hyun
Bantam: Ryosuke Komori 4-1-0 vs. So Jee Hyun

Hiroshi Izumi (debut)
Makoto Takimoto 5-5-0
Antonio Silva 12-1-0
Joe Doerksen 42-12-0


Chris 13 August 2009 at 03:24  

"The Fresh King of Pancrase" starring Maximo Blanco would make an awesome sitcom. Shigeki Osawa could be his DJ Jazzy Jeff type sidekick.

Borre 13 August 2009 at 09:31  

LOL, I guess he was the Prince that got promoted... :) I actually didnt think about that angle.

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