1/10 Pancrase - Pancrase Gate 4th Chance Fight Order

Sunday 27 December 2009

Pancrase is getting the year started with a qualifier tournament for the Neo-Blood tournament. There are some familiar names here, "Pitan" and Ben Henry were both in last years qualifier tournament. On that occation Ben Henry took Atsushi Masakura's arm with him home, but didnt make it all the way. Lets see if he can this year.

If you are in the area, this is a good event to go to, cheap and lots of fights. Good chance to spot talent.

It is being held in Omori Golds Gym. Doors open at 14:30.

2010 Neo-Blood Qualifier Tournament Finals:
27. Light: Winner Fight 19 vs. Winner Fight 20
26. Feather: Winner Fight 17 vs. Winner Fight 18
25. Bantam: Winner Fight 15 vs. Winner Fight 16
24. Fly: Winner Fight 13 vs. Winner Fight 14

Non Tournament Fights:
23. Light-Heavy: Jason Symak 1-1-0 vs. Husa Watanabe
22. Light-Heavy: Tasuku 高洋 vs. Yuhei Fukuda
21. Welter: Shigeaki Kusayanagi 1-1-1 vs. Junya Nishikawa

2010 Neo-Blood Qualifier Semi-Finals
20. Light: Winner Fight 11 vs. Winner Fight 12
19. Light: Winner Fight 9 vs. Winner Fight 10
18. Feather: Winner Fight 7 vs. Winner Fight 8
17. Feather: Winner Fight 5 vs. Winner Fight 6
16. Bantam: Winner Fight 3 vs. Winner Fight 4
15. Bantam: Winner Fight 1 vs. Winner Fight 2

2010 Neo-Blood Qualifier Tournament Round 1
14. Fly: Satoshi Usui vs. Yosuke Hatori
13. Fly: Daichi Kitakata vs. Tsukasa Arai
12. Light: Masaomi Saito vs. TBA
11. Light: Akihiro Ono vs. Issei
10. Light: Daiei Ri vs. Makoto Sasaki
9. Light: Kenta Okuyama vs. Haruto
8. Feather: 鉄人238号(T-Pleastre) vs. TBA
7. Feather: Yuya Nagai vs. 誉仁 Iwara
6. Feather: Tatsuro "Pitan" Ikehata vs. Taito Age
5. Feather: Satoru Takahashi vs. Yoji Saito
4. Bantam: Masataka Obuchi vs. Kota Higashitani
3. Bantam: Tsuyoshi Yamanaka vs. Daisuke Oishi
2. Bantam: Kazuki Itaya vs. Ryuta Aikyo
1. Bantam: Takatoshi Urasaki vs. Ben Henry

Ticket Prices:
SS 3,000円
A 2,000円
Standing 1,500円

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