12/23 Shooto Alternative 1

Thursday 10 December 2009

Shooto will be putting on an event in Osaka's Sumiyoshi Kumin Hall.

There are some good talent on the card, as well as some debutants.

Tomohiko Yoshida has won 4 fights in a row since his last fight in Shooto and all the debutants here have a lot of experience with amature shooto.

There are also 3 rookie tournament champtions on the card (Konishi, Shiba and Eda), this should be a good event.

Middle: Taisuke Okuno 7-4-2 vs. 4-1-1 Masaki Konishi
Welter: Hiroshi Shiba 8-5-0 vs. 9-3-5 Yukinari Tamura
Feather: Kosuke Eda 7-3-4 vs. 6-2-0 Makoto Akazawa
Welter: Kenichi Hattori 7-4-4 vs. 1-3-1 Hiroshi Sugimoto
Light: Takayoshi Ono 6-8-1 vs. 0-2-0 Hiroaki Nakayama
Fly: Teppei "Bull" Masuda 3-2-1 vs. Tadaaki Yamamoto
Fly: Tomohiko Yoshida 4-6-1 vs. Jun Nakamura
Bantam: Takeshi Kasugai vs. Yuki Nishigo

Hiroyuki Tanaka 7-6-2
Hirosumi Sugiura 3-6-2

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