12/6 Pancrase Changing Tour 8 - RESULTS

Sunday 6 December 2009

Pancrase have finished their Changing Tour earlier today. It was done in Differ Ariake and there were 2 title fights on the card.

A new Middleweight King of Pancrase was crowned as Kanai defeated Takeuchi in a very close decision. In the other title fight Ryo Kawamura defended his title against Shunsuke Inoue.

Upset of the night was Takuma Ishii who defeated Takuma Eizumi, who really needs to look at what he can do to turn things around.

The first title fight of the Passion tour was also announced! The on February 7 flyweight King of Pancrase title will be on the line when champion Mitsuhisa Sunabe takes on challenger Kiyotaka Shimizu.

Main Event - Middleweight King of Pancrase Title Fight:
8. Ichiro Kanai (Challenger) Def. (Champion) Izuru Takeuchi by Decision 2-0

Light Heavyweight King of Pancrase Title Fight:
7. Ryo Kawamura (Champion) Def. Shunsuke Inoue by Decision 3-0

6. Fly: Takuma Ishii Def. Takuya Eizumi by Decision 3-0
5. Light: Takafumi Ito Def. Hisaki "Kotobukimaru" Hiraishi by Decision 3-0
4. Feather: Tomonori Kanomata Def. Kenji Arai by Decision 2-0
3. Light: Yuichi Ikari Def. Keigo Hirayama by Decision 3-0
2. Bantam: Hayato Shimizu Def. Toshihiro Shimizu by Rear-Naked choke Round 1 2:06
1. Light: Junichi Ota Def. Juntaro Ami by armbar Round 1 2:05

Under card:
Pancrase Gate Pro-promotion Tournament Finals (Neo-Blood Rule):
Light: Daisuke Shimoyama Def. Naoki Tajima by decision 3-0
Feather: Takashi Ito Def. Junro Kubota by armbar Round 1 3:40

Professional Pancrase fights:
Bantam: Shoko Sato Def. Yuta Numakura by KO ROund 1 0:20
Fly: Hiroyuki "Katsuo" Nakajima vs. Yoshihiro Matsunaga Draw

Pancrase Gate Pro-promotion Tournament Semi-Finals (Neo-Blood Rule):
SF2 - Light: Naoki Tajima Def. Akihito Hara by KO Round 2 1:28
SF1 - Light: Daisuke Shimoyama Def. Koji Obata by Triangle choke Round 1 2:28

SF2 - Feather: Junro Kubota Def. Kiyama by KO round 1 4:43
SF1 - Feather: Takashi Ito Def. Chuichiro Takahashi by Decision 3-0

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