12/31 Fields Dynamite! - RESULTS

Thursday 31 December 2009

The event is underway in Saitama. I will be posting results in HDNet time, since that is what most people are watching (still earlier than Japan).

And I can promise that there will be upsets!

Over 37,000 in attendence in a sold out SuperArena!

Read on for spoilers.

K-1 Koshien (Highschool) Tournament Semi-Finals:
1. Reserve: Ryuya Kusakabe vs. Tsukasa Fuji
2. SF 1: Masaaki Noiri Def. Hiroya by decision
3. SF 2: Shota Shimada Def. Katsuki Ishida by Decision

Super Hulk Tournament Final:
4. Minowaman Def. Sokoudjou by TKO Round 3
Minowa floors Sokoudjou with a right late in the 3rd round, just about the 1st punch thrown in the round.

5. K-1: Ray Sefo Def. Yosuke Nishijima by Decision
Very one sided fight that somehow goes the distance.

K-1 Koshien (Highschool) Tournament Final:
6. Final: Masaaki Noiri Def. Masaaki Noiri by Decision

DREAM vs. Sengoku (3x5min.):
7. DREAM vs. SRC: Hiroshi Izumi Def. Katsuyori Shibata by Decision 3-0
Izumi gets a decision in a fight that could have gone either way. Some would say this was controversial.

8. DREAM vs. SRC: Michihiro Omigawa Def. Hiroyuki Takaya by TKO Round 1
Sengoku is off to a flying start. As expected, these fighters didnt wait to exchange! Omigawa pulls of a small upset! Sengoku is in the lead 2-0!

9. DREAM vs. SRC: Akihihiro Gono Def. Hayato “Mach” Sakurai by armbar round 2
Gono pulls out another win for Sengoku!! 3-0 now!

10. DREAM vs. SRC: Melvin Manhoef Def. Kazuo Misaki by TKO Round 1
Manhoef gets the first win for Dream, usual style just came out more carefully this time. Misaki is complaining (maybe rightly) of an early stoppage.

11. DREAM vs. SRC: Hideo Tokoro Def. Jong Man Kim by Decision 3-0
Fight of the night so far!!!

12. DREAM vs. SRC: Tatsuya Kawajiri Def. Kazunori Yokota by Decision 3-0
HUGE War, Kawajiri was the better fighter and it looked like the armbar at the end should finally put Yokota away. It is now 3-3 between Sengoku and Dream, Dream have levelled the score!!

13. DREAM vs. SRC: Masanori Kanehara Def. Norifumi “KID” Yamamoto by Decision
Another fight of the night candidate! Kanehara had a very strong round 2, and it was enough even though Kid came on strong in the end of round 3.

15. DREAM vs. SRC: Alistair Overeem Def. Kazuyuki Fujita by KO Round 1
Huge knee sends Fujita out of the ring. Fujita is grabbing his head, but not getting up! It is 4-4 between Sengoku and Dream!

17. Dream (3x5min): Gegard Mousasi Def. Gary Goodridge by TKO Round 1
Mousasi took Goodridge down with ease and Goodridge never really had an answer.

DREAM vs. Sengoku (3x5min.):
THe fight between DREAM and Sengoku comes down to the 2 champions!
16. DREAM vs. SRC: Shinya Aoki Def. Mizuto Hirota by submission round 1
Aoki litterally took Hirota's arm off, as Hirota didnt tap. I have no idea what it was though.

14. Sengoku: Hidehiko Yoshida Def. Satoshi Ishii by Decision
Yoshida used his experience and got a close win here. A knee to the groin of Yoshida earned Ishii a red card (point reduction) in round 2 that could have tipped the fight in Yoshida's favor.

Main Event:
18. K-1 (5×3 minutes, 1×3 ext.): Masato Def. Andy Souwer by Decision
A good fight to end the night, and Masato's career!

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