1/4 KRUSH 5 "New Year Fight" - Rambaa Fighting Exhibition Fight

Friday 1 January 2010

Krush is an organization that I dont write much about, my focus has always been on the MMA side in Japan (with some very few exceptions). But Krush has announced a fight for their January 4 event that I thought was worth mentioning + the fact that they have been increasing their popularity lately (or it might be my perception).

Either way, the popular Shooto flyweight champion, Rambaa "M-16" Somdet will fight an exhibition fight on this event. Normally, I think exhibition fights might not be that big of a deal. BUT Rambaa is very entertaining in a normal fight, I think this should be a very entertaining fight for the fans in Korakuen Hall! His opponent is the M-1 Bantamweight chamption and RISE 55kg chamption, Nobuchika Terado.

Other than that, some very talented fighters on the card, like Yusuke Tsuboi, who was a participant in the 2008 Koshien K-1 tournament.

Fight Order:
Main Event:
8. 61kg K-1 Rule (5x3min.): Naoki Ishikawa vs. John Dennis

7. Exhibition Fight (2x2min): Rambaa "M-16" Somdet vs. Nobuchika Terado
6. 60kg K-1 Rule (3x3min + ext.): Junpei Aotsu vs. Hideki Mizutani
5. 55kg K-1 Rule (3x3min + ext.): Shota Takiya vs. Yoshiharu Nasu
4. 65kg K-1 Rule (3x3min + ext.): Daiki Watanabe vs. Atsushi Sasaya
3. 60kg K-1 Rule (3x3min): 隼児 Miyata vs. Daisuke Endo
2. 55kg K-1 Rule (3x3min): Yusuke Tsuboi vs. Yo Saenchai-gym
1. 65kg K-1 Rule (3x3min): Takahiro Ogawa vs. Wataru Suzuki

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