1/23 The Way of SHOOTO "Like a Tiger、Like a Dragon" - "Lion"'s Opponent announced

Monday 18 January 2010

Today "Lion" Takeshi finally had his opponent announced, it is Gerald Lovato. Lovato is an experienced fighter and a veteran of KOTC. He is on a 2 fight winning streak, coming into his Shooto debut.

"Lion" will not be putting the title on the line here, and he has stated that would like to defend against Hioki on a future date. This might very well be a warm-up to that fight.

It also looks like that completes the Shooto card for January 23.

"Lion" Takeshi Inoue 17-3-0 vs. 9-6-0 Gerald Lovato

Previously Announced:
Shoot Pacific Title Fight:

Hideki Kadowaki 13-9-2 vs. 5-2-0 Taiki Tsuchiya

Light: Wataru Miki 15-9-3 vs. 3-3-0 Jin Suk Jung
Welter: Shin Kochiwa 6-1-2 vs. Kim Ho Sun
Bantam: Masumi Tozawa 1-2-3 vs. 1-1-0 Keiji Koizumi
Fly: Atsushi "ATCH Anarchy" Takeuchi 7-4-2 vs. 5-2-0 Hiroyuki Abe
Welter: Yutaka Ueda 7-2-1 vs. 13-3-1 Yoshihiro Koyama
Middle: Yoichiro Sato 5-2-1 vs. 5-2-2 Takuya Sato

Rookie Tournament (2x5min):
Middle: Tetsuo Seto vs. Hiroki Okano
Bantam: "Rambo" Kosuke vs. 0-4-1 Yuya Kaneuchi

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