2/27 Shooting Disco 11 "Tiger! Tiger! Tiger!"

Saturday 9 January 2010

Gutsman Promotion will hold the 11th Shooting Disco on February 27. As usual the event will be held in Shinjuku Face, and will have lots of talented fighters on the card.

These events are normally sold out and I am sure this will be no different. A major part of this event will be this year's rookie tournament round 1.

Fly: Hiroaki Yoshioka 6-9-2 vs. 5-2-0 Junji "Sarumaru" Ito
Bantam: Yosuke "Flying Monkey No.2" Saruta 2-2-1 vs. 2-3-1 Tatsuya "Nakashi" Nakashima
Light: Komei Okada 5-10-2 vs. 3-3-2 Hidenori Nishino
Feather: Haruo Ochi 4-1-1 vs. 1-0-0 Keita Kono
Light: Kosuke Kindaichi 1-1-1 vs. Kenichiro Marui

Shooto Rookie Tournament:
Bantam: Akinobu Watanabe 2-0-1 vs. Hiroshi Osato
Feather: Keita Ishibashi 0-2-0 vs. HAMAJI
Fly: Ato Little vs. Jun Nabeshima
Light: Takayuki Hiose vs. Yoshifumi Nakamura
Middle: Taijiro Iseki 0-2-0 vs. 3-0-0 Yusaku Inoue

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