2/14 Shooto Gig North Vol. 5

Sunday 3 January 2010

Shooto have announced the 5th Gig North in Zepp Sapporo on February 14.

It looks like a pretty good card too, as usual local talent mixing it with Shooto fighters from other areas. The veteran "Gozo" is makeing the trip to Sapporo to take on the local favorite Fumihiro Kitahara in a fight that will probably be the main event.

The Rookie Tournament has a big addition, Pancrase and ZST veteran Ranki Kawana will have his 1st round fight here against the local Takashi Niikuni.

Bantam: Ayumu "Gozo" Shioda 7-6-0 vs. 6-1-1 Fumihiro Kitahara
Bantam: Toshimichi Akagi 7-4-3 vs. 5-4-1 Takuya Mori
Light: Daisuke Ishizawa 4-6-0 vs. 8-7-1 Masaki Yanagisawa
Fly: Kenichi Sawada 4-10-4 vs. 3-2-0 Tatsuya Yamamoto
54kg: Keisuke Kurata 4-7-1 vs. 1-2-0 Atsushi Mochizuki

Rookie Tournament:
Feather: Takashi Niikuni 1-1-0 vs. 12-2-6 Ranki Kawana
Bantam: Isao Yoshida 1-0-0 vs. Yusuke Honma

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