3/14 HEAT 13 - Title Fight Announced

Wednesday 20 January 2010

HEAT had a welterweight MMA tournament earlier, and it had some very good fighters in it. The main event was between Max Fernandez and Justin Holdaas, two very good fighters. Fernandez tood the title by armbar just 1 minute into the 1st round and was crowned with the HEAT title belt. Shortly after I saw that the welterweight title was vacant (I have no clue what happened), and they will fill that spot at HEAT 13!

The fight will be between Shooto and Heat veteran Yoshitaro Niimi and Sengoku favorite Yoon Young Kim. Kim really got noticed at Sengoku 11, mostly for his enterance handing out noodles, but he also put on a very good performance against Akihiro Gono.

Also announced is the popular Shingo Garyu.

Heat MMA Welterweight Title Fight:
Yoshitaro Niimi 7-5-2 vs. 12-5-0 Yoon "Snake Eater" Young Kim

Middle (Kick-Rule): Yuzo Matsumoto vs. Shingo Garyu

Kick - 57kg (3x2min): Marcus Maejima vs. Taichiro Kusakabe

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