1/10 Pancrase Gate 4th Chance - RESULTS

Sunday 10 January 2010

2010 Neo-Blood Qualifier Tournament Finals:
27. Light: Kensaku Nakamura Def. Daiei Ri by Decision 3-0
26. Feather: Yuji Saito def. Yuya Nagai by armbar Round 1 3:39
25. Bantam: Tsuyoshi Yamanaka Def. Takatoshi Urasaki by decision 3-0
24. Fly: Daichi Kitakata Def. Yosuke Hatori by Decision 3-0

Non Tournament Fights:
23. Light-Heavy: Jason Symak Def. Husa Watanabe by TKO Round 1 2:08
22. Light-Heavy: Yuhei Fukuda Def. Tasuku 高洋 by TKO Round 1 4:18
21. Welter: Junya Nishikawa Def. Shigeaki Kusayanagi by TKO Round 2 2:40

2010 Neo-Blood Qualifier Semi-Finals:
20. Light: Kensaku Nakamura Def. Issei by armbar ext. round 2:30
19. Light: Daiei Ri Def. Haruto by Decision 2-0
18. Feather: Yuya Nagai Def. Haruto by decision 3-0
17. Feather: Yuji Saito Def. 誉仁 Iwara by Decision 3-0
16. Bantam: Tsuyoshi Yamanaka vs. Masataka Obuchi by Decision 3-0
15. Bantam: Takatoshi Urasaki Def. Ryuta Aikyo by Decision 3-0

2010 Neo-Blood Qualifier Tournament Round 1:
14. Fly: Yosuke Hatori Def. Satoshi Usui by Decision 3-0
13. Fly: Daichi Kitakata Def. Tsukasa Arai by Decision 3-0
12. Light: Kensaku Nakamura Def. Masaomi Saito by TKO ext. round
11. Light: Issei Def. Akihiro Ono by Decision 2-0
10. Light: Daiei Ri Def. Makoto Sasaki by Decision 3-0
9. Light: Haruto Def. Kenta Okuyama by TKO Round 1 1:39
8. Feather: Yuya Nagai Def. 鉄人238号(T-Pleastre) by Decision
7. Feather:
6. Feather: Haruto Def. Tatsuro "Pitan" Ikehata by armbar Round 1 3:36
5. Feather: 誉仁 Iwara Def. Satoru Takahashi by Decision 2-0
4. Bantam: Masataka Obuchi Def. Kota Higashitani by TKO Round 1 0:26
3. Bantam: Tsuyoshi Yamanaka Def. Daisuke Oishi by Decision 3-0
2. Bantam: Ryuta Aikyo Def. Kazuki Itaya by Decision 3-0
1. Bantam: Takatoshi Urasaki Def. Ben Henry by rear-naked choke Round 1 4:30

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