10/5 ZST - SWAT 21 - RESULTS

Tuesday 7 October 2008

ZST held an event in Golds Gym South Annex. These events are full of talent, but I dont know too much about these... Anyway, here are the results.

Shunichi Shimizu Def. Tetsuya Nishi by arm-bar Round 2 0:45
Kohei Kuraoka Def. 剛卓 (?) Abe by rear-naked choke Round 1 4:44
Ichiro Kojima Def. 賢道 (?) Kunifuda by rear-naked choke Round 1 4:49
Keigo Hirayama vs. Shingo Matsuda No Contest (low blow)
Toshihiro Shimizu Def. Tatsuya Fusano by rear-naked choke Round 2 1:32
Shinya Kurosawa Def. Kota Higashitani by arm-bar Round 1 3:21
Kazuhito Nakamura vs. Masaya Dohi Draw
Makoto Hikita vs. Shigeru Naruse Draw
Noriaki Ninomiya Def. Hiroyuki Naito by KO Round 1 3:57
Yusei Kawana Def. Yusuke Takeda by Heel-hook round 1 2:32
Yuji Komori Def. Yoichi Kaneko by arm-bar Round 2 0:46
Megumi Iwamoto Def. Miwa Ogiyama by arm-bar Round 1 4:46


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