10/23 DEEP 38 - RESULT

Thursday 23 October 2008

First up, an apology. I was going to try to give live results today (told a few people on my favorite discussion board, the ONLY ONE)... and it didnt work. It sucks, but shows that an investment might be needed before I can provide that service.

Anyway, just got home from DEEP event of the year. This was very good, and I enjoyed every fight on the main card (I missed the future fights). I have to say, DEEP is back as I used to know it!!!

Thoresen had his toughest opponent yet, and it showed. He faced a guy that is VERY good at avoiding submissions, but very good at staying on top. The end result? Ishikawa got all the take downs and stayed on top all the fight... He also got most of the damage and the majority win. Simeon had most of the submission attempts, but was forced to work from his back.

Fight of the night was Riki Fukuda vs. Jason Jones in my eyes. Fukuda was the better fighter in the first round, but Jones came on strong in the second. Jones didnt hear the bell and continued his GnP a bit to long for the fans. One of which through ice across the ring. There are some rumors of trouble outside the arena (only involving one of these fighters, but I hope its not the case).

Otherwise a lot of fights went the distance, but this was not a boring event by any means. There were lots of close fights, and lots of celebrities for fans to take pictures with. It was a very good night of fights and a return of DEEP as I know it.

The only thing this event really left me missing was a 3rd round....

These are the results:

12. Katsuyori Shibata vs. Yasuhito Namekawa DRAW

11. Ryuta Sakurai Def. Sojiro Orui by Decision 2-1
10. Yusuke Kawaguchi Def. Seryu (星龍) by Decision 2-0
9. Satoko Shinashi Def. Yukiko Seki by Armbar Round 1 1:32
8. Riki Fukuda Def. Jason Jones by Decision 3-0
7. Takafumi Otsuka Def. Masanori Kanehara by Decision 2-1
6. Eiji Ishikawa Def. Simeon Thoresen by Decision 2-0
5. Toshikazu Iseno "ISE" Def. Masayuki Okude by Decision 3-0
4. Shunji Kosaka Def. Seigo Mizuguchi by TKO Round 1 3:30
3. Koichiro Matsumoto Def. Ryan Bow by Decision 3-0

Future fights
2. Yasuaki Kishimoto Def. 徳久宜生 (マッハ道場)
1. Yasuhiro Kawasaki 1-0-0 vs. 0-1-1 Yuki Tokishige


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