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Monday 6 October 2008

I am always asked about upcoming events, especially people coming to Japan wants to know whats going on and if they can catch an event while they're here. This is something I really want to help people with, but dealing with on a one-on-one basis might not be the best way.

Therefore, I will make a monthly schedule like this. It will include more than the MMA events I write about, and I will not start covering the kickboxing events. But it might be helpful for someone wanting to watch these, so I will include them.

October is sort of a quiet month, but DEEP, Shooto, ZST and Pancrase are all holding events.

The events for this month:

-K-1 World Max 2008 in Nippon Budokan, Tokyo
-Pancrase Shining Tour in Korakuen Hall, Tokyo

-All Japan Kickboxing 2008 in Shinjuku Face, Tokyo open 17.30
-J-Network in Korakuen Hall, Tokyo open 17.45

-Shooto (Shooting Disco 6) in Shinjuku Face, Tokyo open 16.30
-New Japan Kickboxing (MuayThaiOpen5) in Differ Ariake open 15.30
-ZST (SWAT!21) in Omori Golds Gym South Tokyo Annex, Tokyo open 15.30
-RealDeal - ZeppFukuoka Open 12.00 (looks like fights start at 17.00 though)

-NKB Japan Kickboxing in Korakuen Hall, Tokyo open 17.00

-Shooto in Kitazawa Townhall, Tokyo

-All Japan Kickboxing 2008 in Korakuen Hall open 17.00

-Tenkaichi Fight in Okinawa, Tenkaichi Stadium open 16.00

-DEEP 38 in Korakuen Hall open 17.30

-Pancrase Shining Tour in Differ Ariake open 15.00
-Shooto GIG Central Vol. 16 in Tokai TV's Telepia Hall open 13:00

There has been a question on events outside Tokyo. I have to say that my knowledge is somewhat restricted on the smaller events, but found one in Okinawa today.

Tenkaichi has a good English site as well. I know nothing about this organization, except the tickets are reasonable and you can watch a fight between "Caveman" and "The Goblin". Should be good.

The event is on October 19.


Anonymous,  3 October 2008 at 05:44  

It's looking pretty thin on the ground outside Tokyo :(

Borre 3 October 2008 at 14:26  

You're right... I couldnt find much outside of Tokyo. It is a REALLY quiet month though!

Have added Real Deal, Happening in Fukuoka 10/5.

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