10/1 Pancrase Shining Tour - RESULTS

Wednesday 1 October 2008

Just came back from the Pancrase event tonight, upgraded my camera and the pictures will be up this Friday. After the event there are a couple of things that stick out... The 4 last fights were AWESOME!! I have seen Hisamatsu fight 3 times now, but only today did he show me anything, this was a very good fight and extremely entertaining, even though he lost the decision.

With Kei Yamamiya in the main event I have the same feeling, he has been boring every time I have watched him, until tonight! Ryo Kawamura really brought the action and handed it to Yamamiya. Yamamiya on his hand really answered the challenge and it turned out to be a fight worthy of a King of Pancrase title fight. Good job to both the fighters! It should be mentioned that Kawamura was out in the lobby just minutes after the fight, signing t-shirts for fans as they were walking home. It is really the sort of thing I like to see from a figher.

Again Maximo Blanco, the Sengoku sponored fighter was close to controversy... There was a discussion of whether this should be a NC today as well... A fighter HAS to stop when the ref says so... Babalu had a similar experience in UFC and Blanco REALLY(!) needs to learn the lesson of respecting his opponent! He needs to stop when the ref says so.

Ok, so I am little hard on him right now, but he is walking a very thin line and this is an important lesson. No one will fight him if he continues. That being said, he is a HUGE talent, and if he learns (as I am sure he will) he is a force.

King of Pancrase Light-Heavy weight Title fight:
8. Ryo Kawamura Def. Keiichiro Yamamiya by decision 3-0

7. Koji Oishi Def. Naoyuki Kotani by decision 3-0
6. Ichiro Kanai Def. Hiromitsu Kanehara by decision 3-0
5. Takenori Sato Def. Yuji Hisamatsu by decision 3-0
4. Yuichiro Shirai "Yukito" vs. Ranki Kawana 0-1 DRAW
3. Maximo Blanco Def. Hiroki "AB" Aoki by TKO Round 1 0:22
2. Yasutomo Tanaka vs. Hayato Shimizu DRAW
1. Kiyotaka Shimizu vs. Takuma Ishii DRAW


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