Satoshi Ishii Clearifies

Tuesday 7 October 2008

Yesterday I and several other blogs and web-sites reported on the comments Olympic Judo gold medalist, Satoshi Ishii made regarding switching to MMA.

The stir he caused resulted in a pressconferance today, and it is clear that Ishii caused something he did not intend.

In his press-conferance today I will just give the quick note of what he said, as it might be clearer that way.

-He wants to fight MMA in the future, HOWEVER, his thoughts are currently on graduating university.

-He is currently injured, and can not compete in the upcoming world championships. To qualify for the London Olympics there is a point system in Judo, and because he is not competing and hence might not be able to qualify.

Ok, so that is just a very quick summary of what was said. Keep in mind that this is a 21 year old and his comment probably had much bigger impact than he imagined. IF he changes to MMA it will be huge! We have seen that the last few days, everyone knows about these news in Japan.

But when that day comes I would also be concerned about how that is managed... Putting up a debut against Fedor might not be the best idea.


Anonymous,  8 October 2008 at 21:37  

Well I'm looking forward to seeing him compete in MMA when he graduates!

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