3/20 Sengoku 7 - James Thompson Returns to Japan/Featherweight GP Full

Tuesday 3 March 2009

Sengoku have announced the return of James Thompson to Japan, it is almost 2 years since he last fought here and I am sure it will be a popular addition. His last 2 fights have been very noticable for other reasons, his fight with "Kimbo Slice" got a lot of attention after his ear exploded. In Strike Box he caused a riot after ignoring the gentlemans agreement of not taking fights to the ground.

This time he is taking on "Big" Jim Yorke. "Big" Jim had his 9 fight winning streak broken in his Sengoku debut against Yoshihiro Nakao, and I am sure both these fighters want to find back to their winning ways.

The Sengoku featherweight GP is also complete with the last addition today. Kim Jong Man is the last fighter. His record is somewhat average, but he has fought some of the best. A noticable win over Hatsu Hioki stands out.

Non-GP Fight:
James Thompson 14-9-0 vs. 9-2-0 "Big" Jim York

Featherweight GP:
Jong Man Kim 3-5-3

Previously Announced:
Non-GP Fight:
Ryo Kawamura 9-3-2 vs. 3-0-0 Muhammed "King Mo" Lawal

Featherweight GP:
Nam Phan 14-5-0
Matt Jaggers 9-4-0
L.C. Davis 13-1-0
Hideki Kadowaki 13-8-2
Masanori Kanehara 11-5-5
Tetsuya Yamada 3-0-0
Jung Chan Sung 2-0-0
Hatsu Hioki 17-3-2
Marlon Sandro 12-0-0
Ronnie Mann Ushiwaka 16-1-1
Chris Manuel 6-0-2
Nick Denis 6-0-0
Shintaro Ishiwatari 6-1-3
Seiya Kawahara 6-1-0
Michihiro Omigawa 4-7-1


Anonymous,  3 March 2009 at 22:15  

looks good

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