3/8 DREAM 7 - Fight Order

Friday 6 March 2009

FEG have announced the fight order for Sunday's Featherweight GP Round 1. The main event is the fight between Masakazu Imanari and Atsushi Yamamoto, and I cant see it going the distance.

The night will be kicking off with a fight that I think might be fight of the night, Otsuka vs. Bibiano. It should be a close fight and I think it will be very entertaining.

This event is all about the featherweights, but there will be other big names on the card as well, including Tatsuya Kawajiri, Shinya Aoki and Mitsuhiro Ishida.

Main-Event - Featherweight Round 1:
9. Masakazu Imanari 15-6-1 vs. 12-5-1 Atsushi Yamamoto

8. Feather GP: Hiroyuki Takaya 9-6-1 vs. Kim Jong Won
7. Feather GP: Yoshiro Maeda 23-6-2 vs. 10-2-0 Micah Miller
6. Light: Ross Ebanez 19-6-0 vs. 22-5-2 Tatsuya Kawajiri


5. Welter: Shinya Aoki 19-3-0 vs. 16-10-0 David Gardner
4. Light: Mitsuhiro Ishida 17-4-1 vs. 19-9-0 Daisuke Nakamura
3. Feather GP: "Wicky" Akiyo Nishiura 9-3-1 vs. 13-2-0 Abel Cullum
2. Feather GP: Chase Beebe 12-3-0 vs. Joe Warren
1. Feather GP: Takafumi Otsuka 8-3-1 vs. 3-2-0 Bibiano Fernandes


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