3/28 K-1 World GP in Yokohama - LIVE Results

Saturday 28 March 2009

It is going to be a great night of fights in Yokohama today. K-1 is bringing out their biggest stars, with the exception of Badr Hari who was forced to withdraw (not without controversy).

The main event had a great buildup on the press conferance yesterday, as Alistair Overeem called his girlfried on stage to hand Bonjasky a Oscar for his acting against Badr Hari in the World GP final last year. Bonjasky answered by saying that Overeem should get off the drugs, and this fight got personal. It is MMA against K-1, and Bonjasky does not want to loose this.

There will be spoilers if you read on, for the opening fights, I have only one result the main card is about to start.

Opening Fights:
1. Takashi Tachikawa vs. Yutaka Sakama
2. Hiraku Hori vs. Takumi Sato
3. Mitsugu Noda Def. Yang Rae Yoo by Decision

Heavyweight Tournament:
4. Semi-Final 2: Melvin Manhoef vs. Keijiro Maeda
Maeda KOs Manhoef in round 1!!! Manhoef charges forward and it looks like he is going in for the kill. Maeda counters with a straight right that floors the favorite.

5. Semi-Final 1: Tyrone Spong vs. Gokhan Saki
Very close 1st round and the judges all score it 10-10.
2nd round is scored 10-10 again. All equal going in to round 3.
Round 3 is scored a draw as well. We will have an extention round, and this should favor Maeda. Gokhan Saki KOs Spong with an overhand right, he got up but it was not able to continue. KO win to Saki!!! Maeda is very fresh, but the 2 underdogs go through.

6. Semmy Schilt vs. Hesdy Gerges
Semmy's jab does all the damage in round 1 and Schilt gets round 1 10-9. Gerges is knocked down with 1 minute remaining in round 2, but he gets back up. Hesdy is still coming forward, but Schlit gets the round 10-8. The fight goes the distance, and Schilt gets the win by Decision.

7. Jerome LeBanner vs. Ewerton Teixeira
Teixeira throws a lot of body kicks that LeBanner has to block with his left arm, which he has injured several times. It looks like Teixeira has the upper hand. Judges have it 20-19 after 2 rounds to Teixeira. Ewerton still working on LeBanner's left arm. LeBanner finishes very strong and we might have another round.

All judges score it a draw and we go to extention. It was a very close round, LeBanner finished well again. Will it be another round? 1 judge score it for LeBanner, the other score it a draw. It will be a 2nd extention round. LeBanner does not like the decision and comes out very agressively in this round.

The round is very close and the judges score it Teixeira 2-1!

8. Junichi Sawayashiki vs. Glaube Feitosa
Sawayashiki gets knocked down twice in the end of round 1, the bell saves Sawayashiki in this round. A clear round to Feitosa all judges score it 10-7.

A Feitosa left knocks out Sawayashiki early in the second. Dominant performance by Feitosa.

9. Peter Aerts vs. Errol Zimmerman
Aerts looks very fit, it is a close round though. 1 judge score it for the veteran, the other 2 score it a draw.

Zimmerman looks to have Aerts in trouble, but the veteran comes back. It was another close round, both fighters having their moments. Zimmerman takes the round 10-9.

Just before the bell Aerts has Zimmerman in trouble, this will be a close fight and I think it will be an extention round. All judges score it a draw and we will have an extention round.

Aerts is stronger in the extention round and should get the decision. The judges agree 3-0 to Peter Aerts.

10. Heavyweight Tournament Final: Keijiro Maeda vs. Gokhan Saki
Maeda is coming out strong and surprising a lot of people, his legkicks are turning Saki's leg red. It is a close round though, the judges score it a draw.

Maeda continues to come forward and it is a close and good fight. Maeda is countering well, but so far Saki is not showing signs of tiring though. The fight is a draw after 2 rounds.

Another entertaining round, Maeda looks like he is grinding Saki down. Maeda should win it after a strong performance in the 3rd round. The judges disagree with me, it is a draw and an extention round.

It was another close round, Saki finished strong but was it enough?

Maeda gets the upset win 2-0!!! Very good fight, and a huge upset. Maeda looks like he has improved a lot.

11. Main-Event: Remy Bonjasky vs. Alistair Overeem
The BIG fight, K-1 vs. MMA (K-1 Rules, I want to see MMA rules too now)!

The fighters are in the ring and Overeem looks very intense.

Overeem agressive in the start, but the round is even. Everytime Bonjasky tries the leg kick Overeem is able to grab the leg.

Round 2, Overeem continues to move forward and Bonjasky looks like he is not able to deal with Overeem's strength and size. The judges have it a draw so far.

Just as Overeem looks like he is walking away with it, a right sends him to the ground. Overeem is back up, but Bonjasky has the advantage now.

Remy Bonjasky gets the decision 3-0!

Quick Results:
1. Takashi Tachikawa vs. Yutaka Sakama
2. Hiraku Hori vs. Takumi Sato
3. Mitsugu Noda Def. Yang Rae Yoo by Decision
4. Semi-Final 2: Keijiro Maeda Def. Melvin Manhoef by KO Round 1
5. Semi-Final 1: Gokhan Saki Def.Tyrone Spong by KO Ext. Round
6. Semmy Schilt Def. Hesdy Gerges by Decision 3-0
7. Ewerton Teixeira Def. Jerome LeBanner by Decision 2-1
8. Glaube Feitosa Def. Junichi Sawayashiki by KO Round 2
9. Peter Aerts Def. Errol Zimmerman by Decision after ext. 3-0

10. Heavyweight Tournament Final:
Keijiro Maeda Def. Gokhan Saki by Decision 2-0

11. Main-Event: Remy Bonjasky Def. Alistair Overeem by Decision 3-0


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